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CYMA - manufacturer of airsoft guns and accessories

CYMA is a manufacturer of airsoft guns and accessories, aimed at all types of players - both proponents of forest games and CQB-type struggles. The replicas from this Chinese company are characterized by durability and reliability and are among the most appreciated in the world. The well-established position on the market and opinions of people who use this equipment confirm that products signed with the CYMA logo are unique.

CYMA - diversity and reliability

CYMA does not have one specialization, so you can find replicas of different types and parameters in its portfolio. Whether you are interested in a replica pistol, assault rifle, or sniper rifle, there is something for everyone in the brand's product range. The products are tailored to both amateurs just starting in airsoft and veterans moving up the game who need a rifle to match their skills.

Each airsoft gun is defined in terms of the reproduction of details. As a result, CYMA offers very carefully crafted models from the AK, AR, or MP series. Moreover, thanks to many innovative solutions and great care taken at the production stage, the mechanisms are very solid, which significantly reduces the risk of jamming the airsoft guns during combat.

Legendary and latest models from CYMA

It is worth mentioning that it was CYMA that released the already legendary CM028 carbine replica, which for many years has been one of the most recommended to new players. Its reliability and shooting precision means that many veterans also have it in their equipment.

An example of one of CYMA's latest designs is the CM009A4, which is a faithful replica of one of the most popular models in the US Army. Thanks to the use of top-quality components, including a metal gearbox, hop-up chamber, and M120 spring, the gun generates a stable 430 fps, which is perfect for both medium and long-range shooting. Based on the experience and opinions of players, a fixed polymer flask has been fitted to the replica, which allows a large battery with greater capacity to be inserted.

In addition to these airsoft guns, CYMA also offers magazines, sights, pistol grips, silencers, and tactical knives. You should certainly take a look at the whole range of products offered by the company.