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    A&K undoubtedly stands out from the competition for several reasons. First and foremost, it has a very extensive range, with not only popular assault airsoft guns, but also sniper rifle replicas, support replicas, shotguns, and historical replicas.

    Assault airsoft guns

    Many airsoft enthusiasts would love to have their AR in their collection, and A&K offers many of them. These are solidly made replicas, fully compatible with parts from other manufacturers. They do not have advanced electronic modules that control the operation of the replica, so they are affordable, easy to service, and very reliable. For players with a smaller budget or looking for lightweight replicas, a version with a body made of plastic was prepared.

    Support airosft guns

    A&K offers the largest number of support replicas of all manufacturers, including models based on the M249, the Russian PKM, or the cult M60. All of them are equipped with a specially reinforced gearbox skeleton in the shape of a cuboid, which can withstand long firing series. In addition, they have electronically bolstered magazines that can hold up to 2000 BBs. The replicas, just like the originals, are made of metal, which, combined with their size, makes them weigh from 6 to even 10 kg.

    Sniper airsoft guns

    Among A&K products, you will find several sniper replicas that will satisfy fans of both American and Soviet technical thought. Fans of designs from overseas will certainly appreciate the automatic SPR and AR10. Notably, replicas based on classic ARs are equipped with a gearbox in the v2 long version. This way, they work very well with long precision barrels, as they compress more air than v2 or v3. Another western design is the classic M24 four-barrel. Enthusiasts of Soviet replicas will be pleased with the SWD and its shorter version - the SWU, originally intended for paratroopers. The manufacturer has prepared two lines of these replicas: spring-loaded, which can withstand even the strongest springs, and electric self-repeating.

    Rifles and historical airsoft guns

    One of the most interesting replicas of this manufacturer is gas models of the legendary Winchester, which are associated with westerns and the Wild West. A&K also produces many popular pump-action shotguns in various lengths and configurations - from classic wooden "pumps" and "slugs" to tactical versions equipped with RIS rails and folding butts.