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    Baofeng is one of the most famous manufacturers of radio communication devices, renown for providing radiotelephones and dedicated accessories. If you have ever considered purchasing a walkie-talkie, you have certainly also considered products of this brand. They are readily available and offer good functionality at an affordable price. Baofeng provides, above all, a very wide range of various types of walkie-talkies and accessories that enable their operation or improve their functionality. They meet the needs of each user of portable radiotelephones and ensure efficient communication.

    History of the Baofeng brand

    Baofeng is a Chinese company that was founded in 2001. It started out as a small factory with just over 30 employees. Today, Baofeng employs more than 100 people, and production takes place in a factory of 30,000 square meters. Baofeng products are sold on all continents and are also very popular in Europe.

    The most recognizable series of Baofeng walkie-talkies: Baofeng UV-3 and Baofeng UV-5 received EU certificates in 2011, confirming that they meet safety requirements and are free of harmful substances. In addition, Baofeng subjects its products to numerous tests to confirm their effectiveness in radio communication.

    What does Baofeng specialize in?

    Baofeng is a radio communication specialist brand. The company produces various types of walkie-talkies that you can take with you wherever communication via mobile phones is limited. The Baofeng walkie-talkie can come in handy on a hike in the mountains or in the woods, or abroad if you want to avoid the costs of roaming.

    Radio communication is based on a carrier wave that carries information being generated between two walkie-talkies. Each walkie-talkie is a transmitter and a receiver at the same time; for two walkie-talkies to connect, they must transmit on the same frequency. The range and number of channels from which the equipment provides access are also important. Baofeng walkie-talkies must be within range and have the same channel set to enable communication. However, you must remember that this type of communication is not completely private. The channels are generally available, so conversations can also be heard by users of other devices with the same frequency.

    Baofeng not only produces walkie-talkies, but also supplies accessories necessary for the proper functioning of its two-way radios. These include antennas, chargers, programming cables, battery reducers, microphone-speakers and docking stations.

    Baofeng walkie-talkies

    Baofeng walkie-talkies are the best-known brand products that are very popular among participants of outdoor activities. They come equipped with a PMR radio, and some models also have a built-in FM radio, so you can enjoy listening to radio stations. The Baofeng walkie-talkies are available in many voariations, and each of them is distinguished by specific parameters.

    If you've never used a walkie-talkie and are looking for an easy-to-use Baofeng walkie-talkie, then you should definitely take a look at the Baofeng BF-888s. This model is distinguished by a simple design that even beginners will find easy to handle.

    Baofeng BF-A58 works very well in difficult conditions. Its high resistance to interference makes it a device for special tasks that also copes well on windy and rainy days. The Baofeng UV-3R model is very small and handy. It is a walkie-talkie for people who are looking for compact solutions.

    The Baofeng UV-5R walkie-talke has very good parameters and is equipped with everything that a walkie-talkie should have. It is more complex and intended mainly for people who already have experience in using walkie-talkies and know what they are looking for.

    These are just the main features that each Baofeng walkie-talkie comes equipped with. Apart from those, individual functions are also important, useful in various situations and making a given model more or less functional. These are important considerations when choosing your Baofeng walkie-talkie. Let us discuss them using the example of one of the most popular models included in the Baofeng offer.

    Examples of Baofeng walkie-talkies and accessories

    Each walkie-talkie has specific parameters such as range, number of channels, transmitting and receiving in a specific frequency range. In addition, it can also have many additional features, such as a built-in FM radio, Dual Watch function, VOX, SOS and many others. The usefulness of a given walkie-talkie, its versatility and price also depend on these functions. Simpler models with fewer functions are cheaper and easier to use. The more functions, the more advanced and expensive the walkie-talkie.

    Hand-held, Dual Band Baofeng UV-82 walkie-talkie (VHF / UHF)

    The Baofeng UV-82 walkie-talkie is one of the iconic models of the brand and a so-called duobander. This means that it allows you to transmit at two frequency bands: UHF and VHF. An innovative solution is the dual mode of operation of the transceiver system, thanks to which it is possible to transmit / listen to one frequency and conduct additional monitoring on the auxiliary frequency.

    The Baofeng UV-82 walkie-talkie also allows you to start transmitting by voice, which is possible thanks to the VOX feature. You don't have to search for the appropriate settings - you can start communicating immediately. The LCD display of Baofeng UV-82 shows not only alphanumeric characters, but also the status of individual functions. This model is also distinguished by the PTT button, which is used to change the transmission channel without having to manually adjust the channels. The Baofeng UV-82 is durable, compact and very well designed, so it can be conveniently operated with one hand.

    Baofeng UV-82 HTQ 8W walkie-talkie

    This is a more extensive and professional version of the Baofeng UV-82 model. It requires a broadcasting license, but not in receiving and PMR mode. The range of this walkie-talkie can be up to several dozen kilometers, provided the appropriate conditions. Therefore, it can be used not only by private persons, but also by professionals and employees of many professions. Improved modulation and noise immunity improve communication, and the Dual Watch feature allows you to listen using two channels simultaneously. The walkie-talkie comes with a headset, belt clip and charging station.

    Hand-held, Dual Band Baofeng UV-5RA walkie-talkie - Short Battery (VHF / UHF)

    Baofeng UV-5RA is a rechargeable battery-operated walkie-talkie. It is also a very compact duobander, one of the smallest available on the market. It works in the PMR and 2M bands, and also has a built-in FM radio. It also has a VOX function and an LCD display. The Baofeng UV-5RA also comes with a charging station, charger and belt clip that allows you to conveniently attach the walkie-talkie to your trouser belt so that it is always at hand.

    A7 short antenna for Baofeng walkie-talkies

    The range of a given walkie-talkie is a parameter that depends, among other things, on the length of the antenna. The longer the antenna, the greater the range but, at the same time, the dimensions of the walkie-talkie itself also increase. If the smallest possible size of the walkie-talkie is very important in a given situation, you can replace the antenna with a smaller one. It is for this purpose that Baofeng designed the short A7 antenna that fits any Baofeng radio, using a female socket. It is very durable and its length does not exceed 50 mm.

    Other important functions and parameters

    Baofeng devices are made of durable materials. This is very important in the case of walkie-talkies, because they are usually used in the field, where it is easy to damage your gear and difficult weather conditions can be expected. The manufacturer's offer includes equipment resistant to very high and low temperatures, which will also have IP54 waterproofing. This class determines the resistance of the device to solids and water. In this case, it means protection against the ingress of dust in an amount that can cause disturbance and resistance to drops falling at different angles, i.e. rain.

    Baofeng also often equips its walkie-talkies with small flashlights, handles for affixing to the user’s hands or elements of clothing, as well as the appropriate type of power supply. Choosing battery-powered walkie-talkies allows you to charge them at any time, by plugging into a socket or a power bank.

    Baofeng walkie-talkies are famous for the fact that they offer good quality and modern solutions, at a lower price than the products of competing companies. They are also very widely available, so it is easy to buy new elements for them or replace individual parts. This is why Baofeng is a very well-known brand, appreciated by a large group of walkie-talkie users.