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BOLT Airsoft

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    Bolt Airsoft is a Taiwanese manufacturer of airsoft guns, operating in the airsoft market since 2011. They specialize in manufacturing electric airsoft guns, mainly assault airsoft rifle, which are the most popular models among airsoft players. They provide a high degree of realism and functionality, making them suitable not only for combat but also highly appreciated by weapon collectors.

    Bolt's offer

    Bolt Airsoft's offer includes a wide range of airsoft guns. Bolt airsoft replicas very accurately reflect the original firearm models they are based on and provide realistic shooting experiences. This is made possible thanks to the strong blowback system, powered by low-voltage batteries. High-quality materials ensure the durability of Bolt Airsoft guns, satisfying even the most demanding users and players.

    Bolt Airsoft guns

    Most Bolt Airsoft guns are assault airsoft rifle that are diverse enough for any player to choose a model with the optimal parameters and functions. From AK rifle airsoft replicas to SR47-inspired models and PDW airsoft guns, Bolt airsoft guns are suitable for a wide range of gameplay scenarios. It doesn't matter if we participate in multi-hour milsims or quick CQB skirmishes - Bolt airsoft replicas can accompany us during each of them.