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    E&L, i.e. Emei-Landarms

    E&L, or Emei-Landarms, is a manufacturer from China that entered the airsoft gun market in 2013 and instantly became a top player in the industry. This has happened thanks to a special emphasis on reproducing even the smallest details of the firearm counterparts - from the materials to the finish. It is worth knowing that these airsoft guns are made in a firearms factory. You will not find imitations in E&L replicas - what is steel in the original is made of the same material also in the replicas. E&L designs, apart from their phenomenal appearance, are also characterized by very good internal parts, starting from the gearbox through the barrel and motor to the HU system, which makes them premium class airsoft guns.

    AK airsoft guns

    AK replicas are the flagship product of Emei-Landarms, thanks to which the company has gained a group of devoted fans. The manufacturer's portfolio includes such designs as the AKS-74U, AK-74, or AKMS. All E&L airsoft guns are all-steel, including pressed bodies. This approach not only allows for replicating the originals but also significantly increases the durability of airsoft models. All wooden parts are made of impregnated plywood, which is protected by a thick layer of varnish, so you should not worry about the condition of the material, even during games in adverse weather conditions. AK E&L guns are also available in tactical configurations with RIS rail-beds and adjustable AR15 standard flasks, which are reminiscent of AKs used by modern armies and PMCs.

    AR15 airsoft guns

    E&L's portfolio also includes airsoft guns based on the AR15 design, i.e. popular "Ms" such as M4 or MK18 in various configurations, including tactical ones, equipped with fronts with RIS rails. Like the AK replicas, the AR15 was also designed to replicate the originals as closely as possible. The bodies of the AR15 series guns are made of 6061 aircraft aluminium, machined on CNC milling machines. Smaller parts are steel and other parts are made of nylon-coated plastic. Many of the replicas feature a double-sided fire selector, making them equally comfortable for both right- and left-handed shooters. The frames have a Quick Spring Release system, so you can adjust the power of the airsoft gun without having to disassemble the gearbox.