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    Helikon Tex is a Polish brand, operating within the broadly understood tactical / outdoor industry. They specialize in manufacture of clothing and accessories used not only by civilian enthusiasts of airsoft, paintball, survival, trekking and bushcraft, but also by professionals - uniformed forces employees, lifeguards and security guards. Helikon Tex products also serve very well in everyday use - in sports and recreational, outdoor activities. Their high quality is appreciated not only in Poland, but also in many countries around the world. 

    About Helikon Tex 

    It all began in 1983, when Grzegorz Mieszczak decided to start selling military surplus. The company had been operating on this basis for almost 20 years, but at the end of the 1990s it began to become increasingly apparent that the existing solutions did not meet world standards and were no longer sufficient for the needs of soldiers of that time. It became necessary to create a Polish brand that would offer more modern military clothing. In 1999, Helikon Tex changed its profile, opened a Development and Research department, and started developing its own brand. It was assumed from the very beginning that the new products were to meet the requirements of professionals, and therefore must be of high quality and functionality. This allowed - step by step - to gain more and more customers - also from abroad. Thus, Helikon Tex became the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical equipment. 

    Helikon clothing 

    Outdoor clothing is the basic product in the Helikon Tex portfolio. It is so diverse and universal that everyone can complete their own set of tactical clothes - no matter the situation in which they intend to use them. Separate collections for men and women allow the garment to be well matched to different body shapes. This makes it comfortable and a pure pleasure to wear! 

    Helikon military uniforms 

    A military uniform is a set consisting of trousers and a jacket or combat shirt, intended for operations carried out on the battlefield. Helikon Tex military uniforms are additionally reinforced in sensitive places that are most exposed to various types of damage. Various camouflage patterns allow the soldier to blend in with the terrain - that’s why military uniforms are very popular with shooting sports (ASG and paintball) enthusiasts. 

    Jackets and trousers 

    Helikon jackets and tactical trousers serve very well in everyday activities. They are available in muted colors that match even urban styling. Both Helikon trousers and jackets are equipped with numerous pockets, providing the wearer with plenty of space to carry all the equipment and accessories they might need. Their layout is designed so that one can easily reach into any given pocket. Often, they are sewn in and concealed so cleverly, that they are not obtrusive and don’t ruin the look of the garment. The company makes its clothes using very durable fabrics, perfect for outdoor uses. They can be resistant to water, provide protection against cold and wind, or allow air circulation on hot days - it all depends on their designed use. 

    Backpacks and boots 

    Helikon tactical clothing also includes accessories such as hats, backpacks and footwear. Although they are only an addition to the main elements of our outfit, they also fulfill a number of important functions. Made of Cordura and leather, Helikon boots are durable, comfortable and breathable. Headwear and gloves will prove themselves indispensable during hot, as well as cold days. Whether we work or play outdoors, protection against various weather conditions is very important - and Helikon products provide it. 

    The Helikon backpack portfolio includes both small models that work very well during urban outings, as well as very spacious backpacks - perfect for a longer vacation or a two-week survival camp. Helikon backpacks may differ in capacity, but their durability and functionality remain uniformly top-notch. 

    Helikon Tex survival accessories 

    Helikon also offers typical shooting accessories, such as pouches, vests and gun bags. If we need a holster, we will also find a good fit among the models offered by Helikon. During long shooters, we will also need survival accessories - mugs, lighters and water bottles. Regardless of whether we are going on a mountain hiking trip or camping, fishing or to an airsoft event - we can dress from head to toe and equip ourselves with Helikon products. They are perfect for work and leisure activities. Anytime and anywhere we need durable, reliable and functional clothes and equipment.