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Military caps and hats

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    Military cap - perfect for field operations 

    Caps are part of military equipment - and they are not your everyday, ordinary sports caps! They often have a very distinctive cut, color and pattern to match the rest of the uniform. They are also equipped with functions that are necessary during a long stay in the field, which is often also accompanied by difficult conditions. For this reason, the military cap is also very popular among civilians. 

    When and where is military headgear used? 

    The uses of military caps, as well as other types of headgear, can be very different. Caps can play a typically representative role, when they are used to emphasize the gravity of a military uniform; but of course, the most frequently used caps are the purely functional ones. A camouflage cap is necessary to fully hide from the enemy's eyesight. Each army uses its own camouflage pattern, suited to work in the area where its operations are carried out. Hunting caps are also modeled on such caps, but they help to hide in the forest surroundings - when lying in wait for game. 

    The military cap vs. the weather 

    Difficult weather conditions are also a good reason to wear military caps. Spain or Middle East countries are extremely hot, so a hat is essential there to protect yourself from sunstroke. We also have more and more sunny and hot days in Poland, so in our country a hat is a necessary piece of equipment for every soldier. The good old baseball cap serves this function very well. A men’s military hat is also indispensable in winter, when protection against low temperatures is necessary. 

    Military hat types

    The types of men's caps often coincide with the types of military caps. Soldiers also wear the aforementioned baseball caps or winter hats, but in addition they are equipped with typical military headwear - often characteristic of national armies. Such a cap is, for example rogatywkathe four-cornered cap with a characteristic square bottom, used by the Polish army. The beret is used by the land army and boonie hats are used in desert actions. Their wide brim protects against the sun more effectively than baseball caps. 

    What are the other possible features of a military hat? 

    The military hat is designed for use in difficult conditions, so it often has features that ordinary men's hats do not possess. Military models are usually made of very durable and modern materials, which are also very comfortable. They ensure adequate air circulation, are lightweight and at the same time protect against unfavorable weather conditions. They are resistant to tearing or other mechanical damage, which is very easy to occur in the field. The color of a military cap is also very characteristic: green, brown or beige - such colors are usually used in military headwear, but black caps are also available. 

    How to choose the right military cap? 

    Men in hats are an increasingly popular sight, because we are more and more willing to benefit from their useful features. We will be happy to wear our hat if we fit it well to our head - so, first of all, we have to pay attention to its size. Typical military models come in different sizes, so it's a good idea to measure your head circumference first, in order to choose the best size. Baseball caps, especially the snapback style ones, are usually adjustable and come in one universal size. 

    A military hat is an accessory that does not have to be expensive to be of high quality. Cheap hats are also made of innovative materials, so we can easily equip ourselves with comfortable headgear.