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    Headgear is one of the most frequently changed pieces of clothing by airsoft players. It is worth knowing what to look for when deciding to purchase these additional accessories.

    Hats in airsoft

    Hats are often the headwear of choice among gamers who prefer forest gameplay and advanced military simulations (mil-sim). The advantages of this headgear will surely be confirmed also by soldiers of the units which are stationed in a desert or tropical regions, but also by the enthusiasts of outdoor activities. Popular models include the boonie hat and the smaller trooper hat. The brim of the hat protects not only the eyes but the entire face and neck from the sun and rain. The greatest advantage of the hat, however, is its camouflage effect. The shape of the headgear, combined with camouflage, perfectly blurs the figure. Many hats have special bands, used to attach natural vegetation, which makes them immobile players virtually invisible. Disadvantages of hats include poor compatibility with stalker-type protective masks and headset systems, which have a stabilizing strap running through the center of the head.

    Baseball caps for gamers

    The baseball cap is one of the most popular headgear, not only in airsoft. Most armies have different types of baseball caps, such as patrol caps, jeep caps, and trucker caps, which are designed for soldiers who are not directly involved in combat operations. The greatest advantage of baseball caps is their comfort. The baseball cap, unlike the helmet, also provides very good ventilation. A good choice, especially for hot days, is track hats, which provide very good ventilation and are made of breathable mesh. Track hats are fully compatible with the most popular accessories used by gamers, such as goggles, masks, and headset systems. Thanks to velcro fasteners, it is possible to personalize the headgear by choosing moral patches and signs - it is also a cheap and effective way of unification within a given team. The baseball cap will also prove its worth outside the game, being a must-have item of clothing for every military fan.

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