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    In the airsoft community, camouflage is often widely used, and one of the most well-known patterns is MAPA, created by the Polish company MASKPOL S.A. It is applied to various types of tactical clothing as well as accessories produced by this brand. Their main purpose is tactical and survival use. They are typically chosen for activities conducted in outdoor environments such as airsoft skirmishes, camping trips, or mountain excursions, but there's nothing preventing their use in urban settings as well if military aesthetics also appeal to you in your everyday life.

    The MASKPOL brand

    The beginnings of the company MASKPOL date back to 1968 when a factory was established in the Panki municipality, specializing in the production of respiratory protection tools. It was initially part of the WSK "PZL Warszawa II" company. As it grew and expanded its product range, mainly focusing on protective masks, a separate state-owned enterprise called PSO MASKPOL was created in 1991. Since then, the new company MASKPOL started collaborating with foreign entities, and towards the late 1990s, the factory underwent intensive modernization.MASKPOL began manufacturing filtration clothing and equipment for the police, such as the MASKPOL helmet, batons, and shields. Currently, Przedsiębiorstwo Sprzętu Ochronnego MASKPOL S.A. is part of the Polish Armaments Group and continues to equip mainly uniformed services with protective gear. They also produce clothing and accessories known for their unique MAPA camouflage design.

    The most important products of MASKPOL for airsoft

    The MASKPOL brand manufactures highly specialized and effective protective equipment, and recently, they have also started producing clothing and accessories in the MAPA camouflage pattern. These products are widely used by enthusiasts of survival trips and airsoft skirmishes. Not only do they allow blending into the surroundings, but they are also of extremely high quality, just like the entire product range offered by the MASKPOL brand.

    Uniforms and MAPA camouflage

    MAPA camouflage clothing was originally created for the Polish Armed Forces but has now become part of the civilian product range. The camouflage pattern featured on the clothing is highly unique and even revolutionary. You can choose a complete set of clothing in this pattern, which includes military trousers, a shirt or jacket, or opt for just one of these elements. Additionally, there are also available MASKPOL MAPA t-shirts, various headgear options, and tactical backpacks.

    What characterizes the MASKPOL MAPA camouflage

    The MASKPOL MAPA camouflage was designed by Maciej Dojlitko and initially did not belong to the MASKPOL company. MASKPOL acquired the rights to the license, which gave hope that it would become a new camouflage pattern for the Polish military. However, that did not happen, but fortunately, it is still used practically. The MAPA camouflage consists of macro and micro patterns, effectively blending into the surroundings not only from a distance but also up close. Thanks to this, MASKPOL MAPA is extremely effective and has an advantage over all camouflage patterns used worldwide. The color combinations used in it accurately represent the forested areas found in Central Europe, making the clothing in MAPA camouflage an ideal choice for airsoft skirmishes organized in forests.

    The use of MASKPOL products in airsoft

    The range of clothing and accessories in MASKPOL MAPA camouflage is constantly expanding, allowing you to choose from many different items. You can use individual pieces or create your own sets of uniforms and equipment. The clothing is made with Rip-Stop weave, making it more resistant to tearing. The shirts are thermoactive, and their material is enriched with silver ions, which prevent unpleasant odors. Jackets and hoodies are equipped with pocket systems and Velcro panels where you can attach identifiers or patches.

    Other MASKPOL MAPA elements, like pouches, can accommodate MASKPOL vests. If you need a durable, spacious, and functional backpack, then MASKPOL backpacks surely fulfill all these characteristics. You can use them not only during airsoft skirmishes but also take them on mountain trips or survival outings. Any airsoft enthusiast or outdoor activities lover will undoubtedly appreciate the quality of MASKPOL MAPA products.