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    Aluminium magazine feet (AIPSC)

    AIPSC is a sport discipline using airsoft replicas that is growing in popularity. It is extremely demanding not only for the players but also for the equipment. At AIPSC, accuracy and speed are what counts.

    What is AIPSC?

    AIPSC stands for Airsoft International Practical Shooting Confederation. Generally, it is a dynamic shooting competition using airsoft replicas. The targets are placed on special lanes, which require not only a keen eye, but also good eye-hand coordination and reflexes.

    Gas pistol replicas used in the AIPSC

    You can enter AIPSC competitions with any gas replica, but stock replicas are rare. In training and in competitions incomparably larger quantities of balls are fired than in conventional shooting, which is why most players choose to install reinforced internal parts. The replicas are also externally customised with accessories to facilitate shooting and magazine changes. These include profiled grips and triggers, rails for optics or metal magazine feet.

    Benefits of using the aluminium magazine foot

    Magazines for gas replicas are clearly more expensive than those used in electric replicas. This is largely due to the complexity of design. The classic Low-Cap is actually a plastic tube and spring in the magazine housing. In the case of gas replicas, there is a gas container, a lower valve used for loading from the cylinder and an upper valve which is responsible for precise gas dosage during each shot. So the gas magazine is a precise and delicate device. During AIPSC matches, magazines are changed in a split second. The large, aluminium foot makes it easy to quickly retrieve the magazine from the holster and place it in the replica. Importantly, in AIPSC, empty magazines do not always land in the loader or drop bag. They often fall to the ground, sometimes ending up irreparably damaged or dirty. The metal magazine foot absorbs energy and protects the critical part of the magazine from being damaged. It therefore saves not only sensitive valves but also the player's wallet. Finally, the metal foot means a more secure grip and better balance of the replica. This makes it easier to operate the replica and thus has a positive effect on accuracy.

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