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BBs 0,28g

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    Airsoft BBs 0.28 g

    Airsoft replicas shoot plastic bbs with a diameter of 6 mm. The choice of ammunition may seem trivial, but beginner players very quickly find out that they must take into account several important parameters, including weight.

    The weight of BBs for airsoft - things to know

    One of the most important parameters when selecting ammunition for replicas is the weight. Usually it ranges from 0.2 g to 0.5 g. There are, of course, BBs outside these values, but they are not used in airsoft. The rule of ammunition selection is quite simple - along with the higher power of the replica, heavier BBs should be chosen, as the higher the weight, the better the stability of the trajectory. This means that the replica is more accurate and has a longer range. However, a heavier pellet flies much slower, so with a low-power replica it would not be the best choice. It is currently assumed that:

    • BBs from 0.2 g to 0.28 g are used in CQB type games,
    • BBs  from 0.25 g to 0.36 g in replica assault rifles,
    • BBs from 0.36 g are generally used in sniper rifles and DMR replicas.

    It should be remembered, however, that these are rather loose ranges, and the proper selection is also influenced by, among other things: the hop-up rubber, replica pneumatics and many other parameters.

    BBs for airsoft 0.28 g

    If you look at the tables and listen to the opinions of airsoft players, you might notice that the 0.28 g pellets are quite universal. They fit assault and CQB replicas perfectly. Moreover, they seem to be a great choice for stock replicas. It is also important that they are quite affordable. They are definitely cheaper than 0.32 g BBs and only slightly more expensive than 0.25 g ones. It seems to be one of the best options that maintains a good price to quality ratio.

    Ammunition selection - additional information

    When choosing the ammunition for airsoft, you should also pay attention to the company and the material used for their production. Cheaper pellet is often of lower quality and can jam and damage the components of the replica. Moreover, it may significantly affect accuracy, focus and range.

    You should also remember that the choice of BBs is an individual issue. Experienced players spend a lot of time and energy on their perfect fitting. If you are just starting your airsoft adventure - it would be advisable to hear their advice.

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