BBs 0,50g

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      BBs are the basic ammunition in airsoft. They have different weights, depending on the replica, in which you want to put them. BB's of the weight of 0.5 g is a real rarity on the market - they are dedicated only to a specific type of replicas. What are their characteristics, and what are they used for?

      Which replicas are best to use them with?

      The 0.5 g BBs work best with high-powered replicas. These balls are heavy - their weight makes them ideal for HPA replicas, sniper rifles, SMGs, and DMRs. They are primarily used in replicas, to provide more regularity in a shooting.

      What are the BBs made of?

      The 0.5g BBs use a stronger, good quality plastic and PLA, which is a fully biodegradable polylactide. The color of these types of balls is usually white or grey. The quality of the plastic is very important, as a ball that is too weak or poorly made could block in the replica, causing considerable damage.

      How are the BBs made?

      When it comes to performance, the 0.5g BBs are some of the best on the market. With these forces, the process of their production must be extremely precise. It is visible for example by the diameter, which is exactly 5.95 mm. The difference in weight cannot exceed even 0.01 g. They can be used both in standard barrels and the most demanding precision barrels thanks to such parameters.

      To ensure the best possible performance, the manufacturers decided to additionally polish the ammunition. This allows them to additionally coat the BBs with a special layer that reduces friction. This way you gain a guarantee of good performance with precise barrels. Moreover, the balls work better with Hop-Up systems.

      Pellets of such weight cannot have any hollows or, even more, seams. To achieve perfect sphericity, the BBs are checked at every stage of the production process. Manufacturers also put special attention to the absence of any air bubbles that could adversely affect the accuracy of shots. Therefore, if you own a replica, the power of which exceeds 2.8 J, and you care about the high repeatability of shots, 0.5 g BBs are an excellent choice. Just see for yourself.

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