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Airsoft grenades and mines

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    Airsoft grenades and mines are accessories with a potential to greatly diversify the airsoft game. Their functionalities are based on real weapons - up to a certain point, of course. The airsoft grenade can even be styled to resemble a historical model, so it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the most popular representatives of this type of weapon, at least briefly. 

    How do grenades and mines work? 

    A grenade or mine is a weapon that is filled with an explosive or other combustible substance. They are capable of wreaking havoc on the battlefield, with the scale of pandemonium dependent on the version of the grenade used. An artillery grenade is a large projectile, designed to destroy the enemy and its infrastructure. Hand grenades, on the other hand, can have very different designs - from small defensive grenades, such as the F1 Grenade, to the larger German Stielhandgranate grenades, which are equipped with a throwing shaft. What they have in common, however, is the fact that they can also be dangerous to the user. 

    Real grenades vs airsoft grenades and mines

    An airsoft grenade may partially resemble the appearance of the real deal and the way it works - oftentimes, though, an airsoft grenade looks completely different. It all depends on the model you choose. We distinguish hand airsoft grenades, from which the pin is pulled out - they are equipped with a time detonator, or the ammunition ejection is caused by the impact force. Other grenades are fired from a dedicated grenade launcher. 

    The use of airsoft grenades is, of course, safe. They are gas models that are filled with CO2 or Green Gas. An airsoft grenade can fire up to several hundred BBs at the same time, and since they are usually reusable - we can use them during more than one shootout. 

    An airsoft grenade or mine during a shooter 

    Airsoft grenades are not indispensable accessories, but they surely provide a lot of fun and excitement. If we properly plan our strategy, we can use them to wipe out the opponent in a matter of moments. And, after all, its definitely worth it to introduce a little variety to the airsoft game! 

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