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Heckler and Koch

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    Heckler and Koch - German quality and many years of experience

    H&K, or Heckler and Koch, is a German firearms manufacturer that has been supplying equipment to uniformed services and the armed forces of many countries, for many years. Individual models of pistols and carbines of this brand are also well known in civil shooting and you may have well had already used them - for example, as airsoft guns. H&K weapons set the highest standards in the firearms industry and enjoy great trust of professionals. If you are passionate about militaria, then you are surely familiar with this famous brand.

    The most important information about the H&K brand

    Heckler and Koch was founded at the end of 1949, by the famous Mauser designers: Edmund Heckler, Alex Seidel and Theodor Koch. Its headquarters are in the German town of Oberndorf am Neckar, but their weapons are shipped to all regions of the world. The brand's offer includes sidearms and machine pistols, automatic, assault, machine and even sniper rifles. They are used not only by uniformed services, armed and special forces, but also by many civilians.

    The most popular models of firearms by Heckler and Koch

    H&K, which has been operating for over 70 years, has produced many models of firearms, valued and popular in the entire shooting world - such as the MP5 submachine gun or the G3 assault rifle. H&K products are well-designed, ergonomic, precise and, above all - reliable.

    H&K pistols

    Heckler and Koch pistols, such as the 9 mm H&K P30, are mainly used by German armed forces. This model was designed especially for this purpose and is used by German customs, police and other law enforcement agencies. Many pieces of this model were also purchased for the Swiss (P30L pistols) and Norwegian police. The next model on the agenda, the USP pistol, is a piece produced with civilian use in mind. Many different variants have been designed since 1993, when its production began, which are also used by professionals. They differ in the length of the barrel or the type of sight accessories, e.g. the USP Expert version is equipped with a longer barrel and an adjustable sight.

    H&K submachine guns

    Submachine guns are one of the oldest designs produced by the company. One of their most popular models is the MP5 submachine gun, the production of which began in 1966. Multiple versions of this weapon were designed since its inception - it has been modernized and improved, making it a firearm popular all over the world - including many Polish special operations units. Another famous model is the MP7 submachine gun, which began to be produced in the 90s. It is a PDW type weapon, with a classic design and appearance. UMP submachine guns were created with the American police in mind. They have a simplified design and their production is cheaper than the cost of production of equipment previously used by Americans. In addition to American armed forces, this model is also used by Polish anti-terrorist units or CBŚ (Polish central bureau of investigation) .

    Heckler and Koch rifles and carbines

    The automatic HK 416, 5.56 mm caliber NATO rifle is a design similar to the legendary American M16. It was a deliberate move, as this model was specially commissioned by the US armed forces. Compared to the M16, its reliability and the capacity to operate in difficult conditions have been improved, thanks to the use of a gas discharge mechanism with a piston and a gas chamber. This model was also the basis for the creation of another design - the H&K 417, using a 7.62 mm NATO cartridge.

    Another highly appreciated rifle is the H&K G36 automatic (its modernized version is the SL8 rifle), designed with use of synthetic materials. The goal here was to reduce the weight of the weapon and increase corrosion resistance. Its also meant reduced costs and price and the rifle began to be used successively by the German uniformed forces, the Spanish armed forces, the Latvian Army, as well as the Polish GROM and BOA units. Works on this model were preceded by the idea of constructing a hollow cartridge rifle - the H&K G11. It is a very interesting construction, well worth mentioning - unfortunately, the whole idea was dropped at the stage of planning due to lack of funds, which resulted in the closing of the project.

    Other popular designs by Heckler and Koch

    H&K SFP9 pistols are one of the latest creations by the brand - they are the European version of the American VP9. They are equipped with various innovative mechanisms, such as a special ammunition reloading system. Replaceable covers on the grip allow up to 27 combinations of adjusting its size. P7 pistols, on the other hand, are a classic design, the production of which began in the 1970s - the are used mainly by the German police. Listing all the most important products of the Heckler and Koch company, one cannot fail to mention the G28 sniper rifle. It is a typically military model - extremely precise and reliable, even in prolonged engagements.

    H&K weapons and ASG

    Heckler and Koch is one of the most recognized and longest operating weapons manufacturers in the world, with a long and illustrious history and a vast portfolio of cult-status models of firearms. If you are interested in them - good news, they are also available in the form of airsoft guns! You have a wide choice of pistols, submachine guns, assault and sniper rifles, with various power systems and numerous functionalities.

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