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Airsoft military scarves

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    By most players, scarves are considered a decoration. They have become a sort of trademark for many groups. They can protect us from balls or the sun, and they can also be useful for first aid. How can scarves fulfil such functions? Should every player have at least one on hand

    Scarves - protective function

    The first function a scarf may serve is to protect. Whether it is worn around the neck or on the face, it can add to the protection against balls. Many new players consider it an integral piece of protective gear to complement their goggles. Scarves are made of a fairly thin material, they provide extra separation between the face/neck and the ball, however. Scarves will prove to be an ideal material to fill of gaps in the protective gear, which could otherwise be exposed. They can help you come back from a game far less battered.

    Moreover, you may also make a bandage from a scarf in case of an injury. It will work both as a stiffening element in case of a fracture or dislocation, as well as an aid to stop bleeding. This is why scarves could prove an important part of your equipment.

    Another protective function of scarves is temperature regulation. In winter, they are an additional element that separates you from the environment, making you cool down more slowly. In summer, on the other hand, they provide an extra barrier against the sun, so you feel much less hot.

    Scarves - camouflage function

    In airsoft, whoever is spotted later - wins. The difference in time allows you to gain an advantage. As we mentioned when describing the protective function, scarves cover the gaps between tactical gear and garments. Thus, they reduce the number of items that refract light, making camouflage easier. For this reason, scarves are often used in competitions by snipers or players who prefer a quiet approach to the enemy.

    Many scarves have been specially painted in different colours to match various conditions and camouflages. This allows you to choose a scarf with Woodland, Flecktarn, Greenzone, ATC AU or Sandstorm print.

    Moreover, a scarf can also be used to wrap a replica to make it harder to spot in the bushes. This makes it easier for shooters to prepare ambushes.

    Scarves - decorative function

    The final function of the scarf is ornamental. They are simply pretty, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. They match uniforms or even decorate replicas.

    Whether you use scarves functionally or ornamentally, you need to remember that they are extremely versatile. They can protect your face, head or neck as they can be used as a hat, headband or bandana. All this makes them definitely worth having.