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Tactical glasses

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Tactical glasses are basic equipment during any airsoft battle. Their main job is to protect the eyes, but they also have other areas of applications: from recreational to professional. Safety glasses are used in many professions and various activities, but one thing is crucial: their most important function should be confirmed by appropriate certificates or approvals. If you really want to protect your eyes, you should choose proven and recognized eyewear manufacturers, who use the most durable materials, innovative technologies and are ready to prove this by means of reliable research.

What are the characteristics of tactical glasses?

The terms “tactical glasses/safety glasses” encompasses a wide variety of eye protection-related products. Their price range is also very varied; but most of all, they differ in the level of eye protection. The more professional models come with certificates, confirming their functions. They are used in tasks involving a high risk of sight damage, caused by foreign bodies. Although all glasses provide a certain level of protection against those, what really matters is the size of the foreign body and the speed with which it may strike our eyes. Advanced lenses protect even against large objects, traveling at high speeds. Less advanced ones will, in turn, provide protection in less risky environments. Tactical glasses are usually also very comfortable, durable and flexible, making them perfect for extreme situations.

Ballistic glasses vs other types of protective glasses

Ballistic glasses are a very special category of safety glasses. Their task is to protect the eyes from shrapnel; they are used mostly by uniformed forces and civilian shooters. The effectiveness of ballistic glasses is confirmed by tests, and they should be used whenever real firearms are involved. Other types of protective glasses offer no guarantee of protection against shrapnel and ricochets. However, they will prove themselves in many other applications.

The application of tactical glasses

Tactical glasses have a very wide spectrum of applications: from everyday situations to specialized tasks. They are usually colored, so you can use them simply as protection against the sun: while hiking or just traveling around your city. They’’ make a great companion on trips to the mountains or when going fishing or boating. Shooters on the other hand should use the right type of equipment - ballistic glasses are recommended. When performing various types of dangerous work, where there is a risk of eye damage - e.g. woodwork or welding, you should also use specialized tactical glasses, regardless of whether you do it professionally or as a hobby.

The most renown and respected manufacturers of protective glasses

Certain brands specialize in manufacture of safety glasses. Their products are designed according to the latest technologies, using top-notch materials. They often feature several layers of protection, each serving a different task. As a result, they not only provide eye protection, but are also very functional and comfortable.


Uvex tactical glasses meet military standards and can be used as ballistic glasses. They are durable, resistant to fogging and do not obstruct the field of view. Different models of Uvex glasses feature lenses of different colors, so they can be used as glasses or specialized skiing glasses. They are designed for special tasks, where high safety and reliability are of the essence.

Wiley X

Wiley X is one of the most respected manufacturers of tactical glasses, intended primarily for professionals. They are used by military and special forces, which means that they also feature ballistic properties. They are indestructible, protect against solar radiation and have many other functions that make using them a pure pleasure.


Bolle safety glasses meet all EU standards in the field of eye safety. You can use them in various types of work or during airsoft engagements. Bolle glasses are durable and, additionally, they always follow the latest trends, so they can also be used as a fashion accessory.

What are the other features of safety glasses?

Safety glasses are designed to protect our eyes from foreign objects or UV radiation. This is their main task, but they usually have additional functions that increase their comfort of use and provide better quality of vision. The anti-scratch coating prevents damage when you carry the glasses in your pocket or backpack. Polarization is useful on a sunny day and reduces reflections from water, snow or wet surfaces. You can even choose protective glasses that don’t fog up and repel larger drops of water. They’ll guarantee unobstructed vision in all conditions.

Which tactical glasses should you choose for airsoft?

Eye protection is very important during airsoft games. Although the airsoft BBs are small and made of plastic, a BB traveling at high speed can be very dangerous to the naked or poorly protected eye. Thus, you absolutely must use eye protection - but it doesn’t mean that you need ballistic glasses right away, although they do guarantee 100% safety. Ordinary safety glasses will be sufficient for this application.

Airsoft games usually take place outdoors, so sun protection will also come in handy. Make sure that your tactical glasses don’t obstruct your field of view. They must be wide enough for you to see your opponent sneaking from the side. It is also worth considering additional functions, that may come in handy in other circumstances, e.g. during skiing trips. Your glasses will then be multi-purpose. Once you choose your model of protective glasses, remember to always wear them on the battlefield. Only then will they actually be able to protect you.


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