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Retro Arms

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Retro Arms is a Czech manufacturer of airsoft components that allow for tuning or enhancing airsoft guns with new elements and features. All Retro Arms products are made from high-quality, durable materials capable of withstanding the stresses generated during shooting. They are precision-cut using CNC machines to ensure a precise fit of all elements and mechanisms. As a result, an airsoft gun equipped with Retro Arms parts operates efficiently, and its performance can be improved.

Tuning parts by Retro Arms

Retro Arms tuning parts, such as nozzle, pistons, or reinforced gearbox frame, are designed for enhancing the power of the airsoft gun. If you wish to make it compatible with a stronger spring for even longer shots, you need to reinforce its internal components accordingly. A durable gearbox is necessary, and a properly sealed nozzle will ensure better air pressure in the barrel. The nozzle should also have the right length, and Retro Arms offers options with lengths shorter than 20 mm and longer than 30 mm - their specifications should match the model of the airsoft gun and its installed parts.

Power tuning can also be carried out in the Hop-Up chamber area, and Retro Arms provides various solutions for that too. We can have better control over hop-up adjustments with smaller elements like Retro Arms spacers. Alternatively, we can opt for a new chamber with improved regulation knobs - such products are also available in the Retro Arms offer.

Accessories for airsoft guns

Retro Arms also offers high-quality airsoft accessories and external parts - mounting rails, outer barrels, and grips. These are also CNC machined, ensuring smooth operation of the airsoft gun and a great appearance. With the rails, we can mount optics or tactical flashlights from many different brands, as they are made to the most popular standards.

Retro Arms produces parts and accessories using only good-quality, strong materials capable of enduring demanding use of the airsoft gun. Precise craftsmanship of individual elements is also crucial, ensuring no looseness or leaks. All of this makes an airsoft gun equipped with Retro Arms parts reliable on the battlefield and capable of providing better performance.