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NiMH and NiCd batteries

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    Pros and cons of NiMh batteries

    The power source for electric replicas are battery packs. There is a very wide range of different options on the market and one of the basic ones are NiMH batteries. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Here are some tips.

    NiMH rechargeable batteries - description and characteristics

    One of the most popular batteries used in airsoft are NiMH packs, i.e. nickel-metal hydride batteries. Currently, this type of pack is slowly being replaced by newer solutions, but they still have their supporters. NiMH batteries are, above all, quite resistant to mechanical damage, efficient and do not overheat. Unfortunately, they have a higher weight and large size, which often makes them more difficult to place in a compact replica. Additionally, they have the so-called “lazy battery” effect. This means that the lack of full discharge reduces the capacity of the packs. This effect is rather unnoticeable for an average user, but it is worth remembering about its influence on battery life.

    Proper use of batteries

    Regardless of what battery you choose, you should always remember about proper use. The charging process should be carried out with dedicated chargers, preferably microprocessor-based. These chargers will not “overcharge” the pack and will constantly control the process of charging individual battery cells. It is also worth mentioning that they have a “storage” function, which allows you to charge the batteries to a level where they can be safely stored.

    A good charger is a guarantee of a longer pack life. Saving at this stage may generate much higher costs due to damage to the battery and the need to buy a new pack together with a dedicated charger.

    Battery selection

    When choosing the best battery for your replica, you have to remember about several issues. The most important aspect here are the dimensions of the battery. Often, different types of replicas have different “containers” for power sources. So, you should make sure that the battery you buy can be easily used in your replica. Do not also forget about the type of plug - there are situations in which it turns out that the chosen battery requires buying an additional adapter.


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