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Gate airsoft

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Electric airsoft guns carry the advantage of being modifiable and having their functionality enhanced through electronic MOSFET Airsoft systems. Among the manufacturers of these systems is the Polish brand GATE, which has been in this field since 2009. Over time, they've managed to showcase their products in the best possible light, gaining appreciation from both manufacturers and users of airsoft guns globally. Some airsoft gun models come pre-installed with GATE systems, while others allow you to install them on your own. But why should you consider doing this?

Advanced control systems for AEGs by GATE

GATE products are among the most innovative control systems for Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs). They make the use of the airsoft gun even more thrilling, adding extra features and safeguards that allow you to monitor the state of various mechanisms, helping prevent potential malfunctions. With systems like MOSFET, you can also customize the settings of your AEG to better cater to your needs and preferences.


The GATE MOSFET system provides numerous tuning possibilities for an AEG. Of course, much depends on which version of GATE MOSFET you choose and the model of your airsoft gun. In most cases, the MOSFET system allows you to adjust trigger sensitivity to match your skills and preferences. You will be able to configure the fire selector and set the sniper delay. Control the rate of fire and set burst mode. More advanced and modern GATE MOSFET systems allow for wireless communication - through an app on your phone. You can read telemetry data and analyze the state of your gun with their help.

Other airsoft parts for AEGs

GATE also produces systems like the GATE STATUS System, which enables real-time analysis of the airsoft gun's condition, for example, during airsoft games. They can be mounted on the RIS rail - on the included system screen, data concerning the current situation will be displayed. From information about voltage, temperature, or tilt angle of the gun, to details about the number of BBs fired, battery status, or even the number of calories burned or steps taken.

In GATE's range, you'll also find accessories and parts like pistons, trigger springs, fuses, cables, and even patches. They are compatible with electronic systems and systems from the manufacturer GATE - except for the patches - you can attach those wherever you want.

Why choose GATE systems and parts for airsoft guns?

GATE is one of the most respected manufacturers of electronics for AEGs, collaborating with the biggest airsoft brands. This means that their systems genuinely work and fulfill everything the manufacturer promises. If you want to utilize all the potential of your airsoft gun, increase your chances on the battlefield, and derive even greater satisfaction from shooting, GATE systems will undoubtedly assist you in this endeavor.