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Spring powered airsoft rifles

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    What are the distinctive features of spring drive in replicas?

    Spring-driven replicas are not as popular as electric ones, but they have their loyal following. Even though you may not see them often at classic shootouts, they have their place in the collections of history buffs or reenactment groups.

    Spring drive - features and principle of operation

    Spring-driven replicas have several features that set them apart from other models and make them hard to compete with. First of all, they do not need any additional power source. While in gas replicas you need to refill the cartridges with CO2 or green gas, and in electric replicas you need to recharge the batteries - in spring models you only need your muscle power. With spring, you pull the piston, and when you squeeze the trigger, you release it. The compressed air then pushes the ball out of the barrel. The described mechanism is both an advantage and disadvantage of this type of propulsion - after each shot, you have to reload the replica, which makes playing with it more difficult, especially in a fast and dynamic game. For this reason, spring-loaded rifles and carbines are less often chosen for traditional mid-range airsoft gameplay and are more often the equipment of snipers operating from concealment. Spring replicas are often available in versions with high muzzle velocity, which means they have a long range and accuracy, thus compensating for the lack of the option of continuous fire.

    Not only sniper rifles

    Of course, spring-driven replicas include more than just sniper rifles. Often these are also typical assault rifles like the M4 or HK416. Airsoft carbines of this type are usually chosen by people who collect equipment or shoot at static targets more often, such as during target shooting practice. Choosing a spring drive certainly translates into the realism of the use of a given replica. Furthermore, these types of models are less expensive, both in terms of the purchase itself and subsequent operation, as compared to their gas or electric counterparts. Deciding on such a purchase, it is advisable to consult more experienced players or take the opportunity to test the model of interest. More and more often, organizers of shooting events provide opportunities to test replicas and learn about the latest models from recommended manufacturers. It is worth taking advantage of such an option.


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