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Green gas airsoft rifles

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    Airsoft gas rifles are replicas of automatic firearms, one of the staples of equipment used by armed forces all over the world. Compared with electric airsoft rifles, gas rifles are much less popular. In our ASG rifle section you’ll find various models and brands, powered with green gas and CO2.

    Airsoft gas rifles enjoy less popularity in the airsoft community, as compared to electric airsoft rifles. Their main advantage lies in the realistic experience of shooting. Being gas-powered, handling them is as close to the real thing as possible, due in no small part to the blow-back feature - a perceivable “kick”, making a lasting impression on both the shooter and the observers. Additional realism is lent by the Open Bolt feature, employed by some manufacturers. Airsoft rifles equipped with this feature don’t have a brass insert in the lock chamber, present in other models. This system allows the whole lock to travel backwards, just like in actual assault rifles. Many models are also equipped with metal parts, adding weight and durability. ASG rifles may be powered with green gas, loaded directly into the magazine, or CO2 cartridges. Some models allow alternating between green gas and CO2. Just like in the case of electric ASG rifles, our offer includes many types of gas airsoft guns. ASG submachine guns, due to their small size and lower muzzle velocity, are great for operating at short and medium distances. On the other hand, airsoft assault rifles are a great choice for larger arenas. They can be additionally tuned up and improved with various accessories, such as sights.