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    Accessories for tactical glasses and goggles

    It is undeniable that eye protection in airsoft is paramount. Tactical goggles and glasses should always be the first item on the shopping list of every beginner player. Therefore, it is worth learning about the additional accessories that manufacturers offer to the players.

    Why is eye protection so important?

    Eye protection is the most important issue in airsoft when it comes to the safety of all participants in the game. It is not possible to take part in the games without proper glasses or goggles. Organizers, referees, photographers and even casual observers are not allowed on the playing field without them. Airsofters often use eye protection even in areas excluded from the action, for fear of being accidentally hit by a bullet. Also in large, role-playing shooters (so-called MilSims), players are required to wear glasses or tactical goggles and often wear them for many hours, hence these accessories, in addition to having the right parameters, should also be comfortable. So it's worth having a look at the wide range of accessories for tactical glasses and goggles.

    How to deal with glasses getting all fogged up

    Every airsoft player will admit without a second thought that their biggest enemy during shootings is steam, which settles on the protective eyewear, regardless of whether they are wearing goggles or glasses. The lack of field vision automatically reduces the player's effectiveness. In addition, it is very dangerous because it is easy to get injured, and you become a perfect target for your opponent. It is also very common in these situations for players to take their glasses off and clean them in the middle of the field, making them less safe during the game. The so-called anti-fog products help to protect the lenses. It is a great accessory to protect your glasses from fogging up, and the packaging is small, so you can easily stow it in your backpack or pocket.

    Additional information on accessories for glasses and goggles

    Corrective inserts are also very important when it comes to protecting the eyes, for people who have been diagnosed with a visual impairment. They not only improve vision, but also increase safety. Covers and cases for goggles and spectacles are also interesting additions, which help to transport them safely. When going for a game, remember that a replica which is too heavy can always be put away, during a hot day you can take off your sweatshirt, but eye protection must never be taken off! It is therefore important not to skimp on both good glasses or tactical goggles and the accessories for them.


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