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Wiley X

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    Wiley X - innovative safety glasses

    Wiley X is a brand manufacturing great quality safety glasses, created by an American military veteran - Myles Freeman. Initially designed primarily for soldiers, meant to protect their eyes from shell fragments or impacts. Their high efficiency soon made the Wiley X ballistic glasses popular with other uniformed forces, private weapon afficionados and athletes. Along with the growing popularity of the brand, new lines of glasses began to be designed, meant to be worn by basically anyone who cares for their eyes.

    Wiley X glasses and gloves

    Wiley X is a renowned American manufacturer of eye protection products for the United States military, athletes and people who actively spend their time outdoors. The recipients of the company's products include US Rangers or Navy SEALs. Thanks to cooperation with professionals, the products of the brand offer high quality of use and protection. The X offer includes both protective glasses, vital during airsoft games, as well as everyday use and sports-specific models. In addition to glasses, the company’s offer also includes tactical gloves.

    Wiley X gloves mean durability and innovation. Individual models, such as the HYBRID, provide high-class protection against impact and abrasions. At the same time, they provide comfort and convenience of use - their lined with the highest quality goatskin. This type of material provides excellent air circulation and, at the same time, a high level of protection. Additional reinforcements have been used in sensitive places. The rest of the gloves were made of a mix of Nomex and Kevlar.

    Wiley X certified safety glasses

    Wiley X glasses are an innovative product in the world of safety glasses. Each of their lines is unique and presents a new technology, aimed at effective protection of the eyes against various types of threats. All models are safety glasses certified. However, they differ in appearance and additional features, meaning that a specific model will work better in certain conditions and situations. You no longer have to wonder if Wiley X glasses will provide an effective eye protection.

    Polarized Wiley X sunglasses

    Most Wiley X glasses have polarized lenses. They’re constructed of as much as eight protective layers, with the polarizing layer sandwiched between two polycarbonate layers that protect it from damage. This, among many other features, is a proof of the high quality of Wiley glasses and guarantees their long lifespan.

    The polarization of the glasses ensures a sharp and clear image everywhere within the perimeter of the lens. What’s most important - it reduces blinding and vision-distorting. In some situations, reflections can be potentially life-threatening - which is why we definitely recommend the Wiley X Peak polarized sunglasses to drivers. Their additional advantage is that they protect the eyes against fatigue. Polarized sunglasses are also recommended to people spending a lot of time looking at computer screens, and even anglers.

    Wiley X ballistic sunglasses

    Wiley X safety glasses are divided into particular lines, each with its unique features. Ballistic sunglasses are intended for weapon users who want to protect their eyes from flying shrapnel, or even projectiles.

    Men's glasses from the Wiley X Tide series are accessories designed for uniformed forces. They can withstand the impact of 3.8 mm caliber bullets, travelling at the speed of 700 km/h. Their lenses don’t fog up, and the sunglasses come equipped with non-slip frames, guaranteeing that they won’t fall of, even in the heat of battle.

    Wiley X Valor or Wiley X Saint glasses have similar properties, but their sporty design makes them better suited for the shooting range or even everyday wear. The Wiley X Echo model additionally protects the eyes against pollen, wind and drying out. Just like the Wiley X Gravity Captivate, featuring a new line of lenses that block out harmful blue light. The Wiley X Saber and Wiley X Saber Advanced models are one of the cheaper ballistic sunglasses of this brand.

    Other Wiley X Polska products

    Ballistic sunglasses are the most popular and most-manufactured Wiley X product. However, not everyone needs a model that protects against bullets. There are other important features that you will find in other Wiley eyewear models.

    If you need full safety goggles, we recommend the Spear line. They will prove themselves in various types of industries, where protective glasses are mandatory equipment. They protect the eyes from contamination, dust and sparks that could damage one’s eyesight.

    For those who enjoy water sports, fishermen, sailors or anglers, we can recommend the Wiley X Boss glasses. They come equipped with a seal that protects the eyes against water and wind. It is a removable element, so you can use it only when necessary.

    The Wiley X range focuses on eyeglasses, but it also includes other accessories, such as hats or protective gloves. These products are also worth your consideration, as they also guarantee the high quality that is so characteristic of the Wiley X brand.

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