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3 accessories for your airsoft replica to improve your game skills.


Although I would like to finally reach the state of Rich Minimalism, which Chaos once wrote about, I must admit that I have a note of a common gadget geek. Let's not fool ourselves - after buying a new replica, there is a whole long list of things that we can buy or replace. This situation is perfect for people like me. Finally, a new toy that you can pimp out! I will put a flashlight here. Maybe a laser here? But wait! Which stock? Grips? RIS-y? Or maybe Keymod? In this article, however, we will focus on these more pragmatic modifications. What can we do to improve our performance on skirmishes?

Of course, the easiest way would be to list out a whole range of internal parts. However, let's face it - tuning airsoft replicas could be a separately printed publication. I am also the last person who should advise on this matter. I am lucky to be around many more knowledgeable people, and I can rely on their professional opinion. Here I want to show you simple plug-and-play solutions. We buy an accessory, take it out of the box, and put it on our RIS rail, and it works! We all know the saying: "all gear no skill". Therefore, let's not forget that our style of play is what matters most. But don't worry, my list also includes something that will potentially help in this matter. And in this smooth way, let's get to the first point on the list.

Sports cam

Not every one of us has to set up an airsoft YouTube channel right away (although I encourage everyone to try!). Still, I think that recording your games can potentially have a positive impact on your playing skill. That is a frequent phenomenon among the so-called Streamers or just people who upload recordings of their games to the Web. Over time they notice an increase in their skills. The reason for this is simple. Observing how we play, how we behave in a given round or situation, what are our reactions during the exchange of fire, we can make some important conclusions. “Here I should not hide behind the wall because I was exposed on one side. In another place, I should follow the enemy instead of sitting behind cover and so on”. I had an episode of recording my skirmishes using a sports cam, and I must admit that it was not difficult for me to notice the issues to be improved.

sports camera for airsoft

Currently, buying a simple sports cam is not a big challenge for our portfolio. Even the simplest ones pass the exam. It is worth paying attention to the one that records in 60 frames per second. Thanks to this, if necessary, we will be able to slow down the recording to catch any errors to be corrected. Also, we can choose from a whole range of different camera mounts. There are also mounts thanks to which it will be easier for us to set the lens to our needs (See our offer). At this point, I encourage everyone to check the movies from Maniek’s channel, e.g. on how to make a BB-resistant camera cover (Watch the video) or how to correctly set-up a camera on your baseball cap (Watch the video). Who knows? Maybe this purchase, apart from improving reflexes during a fire exchange, will also be the beginning of an adventure on YouTube for you?

Vertical grip for an airsoft replica

Have you ever wondered why in many photos of special forces operators or just movies you can see that almost everyone has a grip on their firearm unit? In addition to the obvious aesthetic values, I believe that this is also a practical aspect. Probably one of the first things I buy for a new replica is some kind of vertical grip. First of all, it is a rather small expense. Vertical grips are often made of large-scale plastic in factories, which helps reduce their costs. Sensible pieces often cost only about 5 EUR (See available grips).

Of course, apart from the look, the grips are also invaluable in improving the ergonomics of our replica. They improve stability when aiming and are an additional support point when leaning against a wall. Everyone probably at the beginning had such a situation that he shots at his opponent on a Sunday skirmish to see to his horror that the BBs flew perfectly around the enemy. To avoid this, we need a stable grip on the replica. Also, vertical grips often use the space inside for various storage purposes. I laughed at this myself until I started using the battery-powered red-dot, and it turned out that I could keep spare batteries in my grip.


I noticed that there is something less obvious that connects many modern armies of the World. We see this in the armed forces of Canada, Great Britain, and Germany. Of course, we are talking about the fact that scopes of some kind are standard equipment there. Regardless of whether we are talking about the sights built into the grips as in G36 or about "free-standing" scopes like the popular ACOG, this is once again a common view in various photos and movies. I have used a simple red-dot sight for a long time. This solution is good for short distances, but it is hard for me to do without a scope, at least the simplest one, for operations in the forest environment. However, having a scope approximates one less desirable consequence. Looking through it you will see that your BBs are not reaching your opponents and land 5 meters short instead.

To sum up - we do not need a sniper replica to use various types of scopes. Nowadays, when we have such a large selection on the market, it's hard to find completely useless pieces, and we can choose entirely only by aesthetic considerations and budget (See our optics). I would only try to avoid the cheapest ones. The quality of optics may not be the best in them. It means that the image in them will be simply very dark and will not help us much. Also, if you use a stalker mask (and you should!), It's worth considering whether you won't need any additional mounts to raise the crosshair slightly above the standard level.


airsoft replica, magazines, scope

I don't think I know anyone who would stop at the standard construction of the replica, and not mount any accessories on it. Regardless of whether you are talking about additional sights, grips, a new butt, or pistol grip - everyone always has their preferences. However, it is worth knowing which accessories will help us the most at the beginning of our fun. I think that the first step for everyone can be an attempt to improve the ergonomics of your replica - additional handles and grips will help. In the next phase, it will be worth getting a different sight than the standard sight, and here, I would advise you to invest in the telescope right away. Finally, to check your reactions and style of play, you will need to stock up on a sports feeder and start recording your shooters.

Let me know what you think of my proposals. They will certainly be interesting, especially for this group of recipients who are just buying the first replica and are thinking about modifying it. However, more experienced readers, as usual, I encourage you to provide your types with a brief description of how they can improve the style of play at the beginning of the fun in airsoft.




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