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Initially an expert in British tactical equipment. For a time more kosher than royalty he gradually turned to pragmatic airsoft. He knows the industry (literally) inside out and is happy to share his years of experience. In addition to shooting airsoft guns, he enjoys photography, endurance sports and, more recently, good coffee.

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Maniek 44

He has been involved in airsoft since the cm.028 was considered a novelty. In the light of the principle "everything can be learned", he tunes and repairs his replicas himself with varying results. He has combined his love of filming and video editing with airsoft, resulting in a thriving YouTube channel.

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Paweł "Fishbonee" Napieralski 

Born with his finger on the trigger. Devotee of anything that discharges any kind of projectile (it doesn't matter whether plastic or lead). Psychology student. WMASG editor. Bearded man. "I am currently trying to develop into playing with firearms more often. In addition to my interests in the military and the field of psychology, I also enjoy good beer and car cosmetics - overall my interests are quite broad :)"

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Dominik "Chaos" Marzec 

Tactical villager, patch whore, active airsoft player with over 10 years of experience. A follower of the principle "the more you know, the less you need". When he's not working or writing, he's probably running in the mountains, pouring coffee or scrolling Instagrams.

All texts by this author can be found HERE.

Free airsoft gun upgrades

Date of addition:
We just bought an airsoft gun or have had it for a while, but we feel something is wrong. We are constantly out of range or shots are not very precise. What’s more it is difficult to find funds for valuable tuning. In this article, we will present some simple but mostly free ways to improve the performance of the replica.

Airsoft skirmish in the rain

Date of addition:
Sometimes we encounter a situation where regular shooting events are cancelled due to rain. And it would seem that such a situation could be easily prevented. All you need is some additional equipment and possibly verification of too ambitious scenario assumptions. So how do you prepare for a skirmish in the rain?

Do you need an airsoft helmet?

Date of addition:
Protection is an essential element during airsoft shoots. A good airsoft helmet is not only a matter of safety, but also functionality. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics and division of helmets, as well as outline the components that make up each airsoft helmet.

Market research – an airsoft gun up to 450 EUR

Date of addition:
Another article from the airsoft market review series. We will present airsoft guns in the amount of up to 450 EUR. In this financial range, you can already find quite good equipment that will meet the expectations of most users. If you're still wondering which ASG airsoft gun to choose, you should definitely read this entry!

Vest, chest rig or maybe a belt? - Types of tactical gear

Date of addition:
Are you wondering how to carry accessories for an airsoft replica? Airsoft vest, chest rig, or a belt? Or maybe it's worth packing everything in a backpack or a replica bag? We present various options for carrying your tactical gear. The choice of models is quite large, but Maniek 44 will easily guide you through them! We wish you a pleasant reading!

Airsoft mount systems

Date of addition:
The airsoft gun itself is often not enough. We need additional gadgets such as sights, additional grips and flashlights. In the next article on the Gunfire Blog, let's discuss selected popular systems and try to answer the question which is the best in airsoft.

Airsoft optics: an overview of aiming devices

Date of addition:
Airsoft without aiming would be... Well, not much different than now. Replicas do not have a long range, so sometimes we manage to hit an enemy even without precisely targeting. However, the right sights can change a lot in our game. Let's discuss their basic types.

Market research – an airsoft gun up to 260 EUR?

Date of addition:
Among the many airsoft guns available on the market, it can be hard to choose the only one. Especially that their manufacturers encourage us with increasingly better and more interesting features of the equipment. In our latest entry, we present those airsoft guns that are worth paying attention to if you have a budget of 260 EUR. We invite you to read it!

Airsoft Camouflage Basics - Face Camouflage

Date of addition:
Face camouflage is primarily used in situations where blending into the environment, avoiding detection, and surprising the opponent are necessary. In airsoft games, camouflage improves tactics and can strengthen team strategy. Today, we will discuss how to finally become one with the surrounding background (at least from the opponent's perspective).

Historical airsoft guns

Date of addition:
Many people pay attention to airsoft replicas showcased on storefronts. Some of them are often featured on store shelfs but are a rare occurrence on skirmishes. At least that was my first impression. Nothing could be further from the truth. Historical airsoft guns have their own place on the scene and do not seem to want to move from it.

Market research – an airsoft gun up to 130 EUR?

Date of addition:
The ASG market is thriving, offering a wide range of weapon replica choices. Budget versions are available for those just starting their airsoft adventure, as well as for those looking for a sidearm replica. If you want to know which ones are worth considering within the 130 EUR range, we invite you to read on. 

MAPA Maskpol camouflage

Date of addition:
A lot has already been said about the MAPAA camouflage. Its existence became widely known when it was considered as a potential new pattern for use in Polish Army uniforms. Some time has passed since then, and MAPA uniforms are very popular at airsoft competitions and shooting ranges.

Comparison of SPR and DMR airsoft guns

Date of addition:
Precision, range, accuracy are the main features that most airsoft players strive for. This leads to very interesting designs of replicas, often based on real firearms. No matter what replica we plan to build, it is worth knowing at least the supply types of carbines used by various military and police formations. It's time to discuss two interesting types of firearm systems, i.e., SPR and DMR.

The most popular camouflage in the world - Woodland

Date of addition:
Discussions about types of camouflage often lead to heated exchanges. Especially in the airsoft environment. However, it is hard not to get the impression that there is one model that is universally liked. Some people love it, others just tolerate it. However, few people openly hate him. So where does this popularity come from?

Specna Arms Core J-series - airsoft gun review

Date of addition:
If you ask at a regular Sunday skirmish who started their adventure with a plastic AK replica, you will surely see many hands in the air. Such structures were and still are quite popular. However, over time, players began to expect something more. The most basic airsoft guns made of less durable material are no longer of interest. Time for something more intriguing. J Core Series replicas are a very good proposition in this part of the market.

The best battery for airsoft gun

Date of addition:
AEG replicas are the most popular type of construction used in skirmishes. An inseparable element of their use is the need to utilize batteries. In times when replicas often do not have power sources added to the box, the purchase of this accessory is necessary to start playing. Let's check what is the best choice when it comes to airsoft battery.

Airsoft games - rational nutrition during exercise

Date of addition:
For some of us, airsoft is the dominant form of physical activity in life. So, it's worth considering how to replenish the calories burned during the skirmish. In this article, we will present some useful patents that will help you keep your energy, endurance and concentration at a high level during airsoft games.

What are the advantages of airsoft?

Date of addition:
Sometimes we encounter misunderstanding from our loved ones about our hobby. Shooting plastic BBs at targets may not seem like the best way to spend your free time when you look at it from the side. So, let's look for arguments for people who do not share our enthusiasm.

How to make your AK airsoft gun tactical?

Date of addition:
Sometimes we can come across the opinion that we don't adapt an AK airsoft gun to ourselves but to it. It is not difficult to find arguments in favor of this claim. However, in this article we will try to check how we can reverse this trend and make the AK replica more comfortable.

Does the material of the Hop-Up bucking matter?

Date of addition:
Hop-up bucking are a very diverse product group in the world of airsoft parts. Most players will encounter those dedicated to AEG or gas airsoft guns. However, apart from the shape, they also have different parameters. Let's check the importance of materials used in the production of these elements.