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R-Hop modification on the example of Psionic products

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Airsoft guns are very sensitive to the hop-up system used in them. Even seemingly small modifications to this element can significantly improve our focus and range. The r-hop system, known for several years, is another attempt to improve the spin of our BBs. Let's see how to do this conversion.

How to make a silencer for an airsoft gun from car filter

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Computer games are a deep source of inspiration for airsoft styling. With the growing popularity of certain titles, new trends emerge, which over time find their way to skirmishes. An example of such a procedure is the more and more frequent placement of car filters by players in place of the muzzle devices of airsoft replicas. How to make such an accessory yourself?

How to age an airsoft gun - DIY

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The topic of airsoft gun aging is close to many airsoft players. First of all, people interested in reconstruction may feel that they need it. There is nothing to cheat. The materials and method of manufacturing replicas differ from firearms, so they may also look different. So how to make our toys look realistic?

TDC Mod – how to improve your hop-up?

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The TDC Mod is a modification that allows us to significantly increase the precision of our hop-up system. It is used in sniper replicas, but also gas-powered pistols without blowback. Although performing such a modification requires skill and confidence in servicing airsoft replicas, even novice technicians can succeed if they know the basic assumptions.

Tuning of sniper airsoft DIY

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The purchase of a sniper airsoft is often just the beginning of our adventure as a sharpshooter in airsoft games. After some time, we may start to run out of performance and you will get an idea to start tuning our toy. In this article, we'll look at the basic improvements to sniper rifles that most of us will be able to make at home using readily available materials. Enjoy!

Airsoft magazine maintenance guide

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Sand, dust, plant particles and mud are things that should never be found in the barrel of your replica, and yet it may happen that despite taking care of the replica they will get to it and cause a jam, or scratch it inside, but from where? From the magazine, today I will show you how to avoid it by thoroughly cleaning it. 

How to protect the optics against break - DIY cover

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When using optical devices, it is worth thinking about how to protect them from unwanted damage. Fortunately, there is no need to invest in expensive accessories, as you can make one yourself at home. In our latest post, we present a tried and tested method for you to make your own protective cover for your optics. Enjoy!

How to choose the battery size for your airsoft gun?

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Don't know what battery size will fit your airsoft replica? Which LiPo battery will fit in the standard stock and which in the PDW stock? We will be happy to help you! Here is a short guide on how to choose an airsoft battery yourself. All you have to do is make a battery out of cardboard, and you will be able to easily check if the selected model is suitable. How to do it? You will learn from this post!

DIY – fixing the Tokyo Marui factory in MP9L Custom Ported

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The title of this entry can be quite shocking – fixing and Tokyo Marui in one phrase? What year is it? These are the best airsoft pistols available on the market, that will work in their stock configuration for a quite long time. However, sometimes mistakes can happen, which will lead to manufacturing defects like this one, specifically in the less popular handguns like the longer version of the Marui M&P. Fortunately, this issue is fixable in a very simple and fast way and doesn’t require any specialistic tools.

DIY - reducing wobbling in airsoft replicas

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There is nothing more annoying than knocking, rattling, or crackling in our airsoft replica. Unless we run with a drum magazine filled with balls or a packet of drops in our pocket, the source of noise from our gear may be wobbling in the airsoft replica. Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon that may occur in new products. In this material, we suggest how to eliminate them.