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AAIPSC level 1 competition in Leszno

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For many people, airsoft is a sport. It is often the main form of activity for many of us. It's definitely a good way to make friends, stay in shape and experience a bit of competition. Nowhere is this more evident than at the Action Air IPSC competition.

Cyber Monday - Deals You Can't Miss!

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Gunfire's Cyber Monday deals are set to be even more incredible! In our latest post, discover the best and most exciting deals on airsoft guns, shooting accessories, and tactical gear. Join us at for Cyber Monday deals you won't want to miss!

What to Buy on Black Friday? Exploring the Best Deals!

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We know you've been eagerly waiting for Black Friday 2023 at Gunfire, so we've prepared a quick overview of our best AIRSOFT promotions just for you! You'll find incredible deals that will amaze you and get your heart racing faster. Brew some chamomile tea to calm your excitement, and we invite you to start reading right now!

Popular Airsoft Awards - Gunfire is the best airsoft store in Europe for the 13th time!

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This year's Airsoft Players Choice Awards have already been given out! Who won in the category of "Best Airsoft Retail Store in Europe"? Find out in our latest post. Welcome!

Gunfire at IWA Outdoor Classics

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One of the biggest and most renowned trade fairs for all shooting and weapon enthusiasts will start soon - IWA Outdoor Classics. This annual event attracts thousands of people related to the military industry, and of course you can meet Gunfire representatives there too. For everyone who will visit our stand during IWA, we have prepared the newest airsoft products, as well as several other interesting activities.

B.L.A.S.G. – airsoft shooting in the desert

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When most of our attention is focused on local Sunday skirmishes, there is a good chance that more interesting events pass by unnoticed for us. However, it is worth looking for more complicated scenarios, where the background story is of little less importance than the efficiency of our airsoft gun. One of such events is the next B.L.A.S.G., i.e., the battle for diamonds in the desert.

II Krakow Airsoft Convention – relation from the event

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In July 2022, the 2nd Krakow Airsoft Convention took place. Although the event is still quite local in character, you can see that it is developing strongly. This is an event where even local players can check out the latest news from stores and hardware manufacturers, chat with other players and take part in competitions. If you did not have the opportunity to participate, check the report from this event. Maybe it will encourage you to visit the Convention next year?

ASG special offers

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We’ve been supplying you with airsoft guns and equipment for many years now, but perhaps not all of you know that we also sell wholesale. We’ve created one of the largest airsoft wholesale stores in Europe, providing services to sellers all around the world. If you want to know the offers and discounts that our customers can count on, and the terms of this cooperation - you’ll find all that in our latest post.

Operace Iskander – airsoft skirmish in Czech Republic

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Are there large airsoft skirms, over the Czech Republic border distant of only 20 kilometres?