How to protect the optics against break - DIY cover

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When using optical devices, it is worth thinking about how to protect them from unwanted damage. Fortunately, there is no need to invest in expensive accessories, as you can make one yourself at home. In our latest post, we present a tried and tested method for you to make your own protective cover for your optics. Enjoy!

Airsoft and Gaming: two separate passions - so many similarities

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Both airsoft and gaming require certain skills from the player. One of these skills, common to both, is manual dexterity. What else do these two games have in common? Find out by reading our latest post!

Market research – an airsoft gun up to 260 EUR?

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Among the many airsoft guns available on the market, it can be hard to choose the only one. Especially that their manufacturers encourage us with increasingly better and more interesting features of the equipment. In our latest entry, we present those airsoft guns that are worth paying attention to if you have a budget of 1200 PLN. We invite you to read it!

What to remember about when preparing for an airsoft game?

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Proper preparation for airsoft games can significantly improve comfort and quality of the game on the battlefield. You can find out what you should pay attention to when preparing your equipment for a shoot by reading our latest post. You are welcome!

Green Gas or CO2?

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Gas airsoft guns are not the most frequently chosen models, but they have their loyal fans. If you’re planning to buy one, then you are definitely wondering which gas is better: CO2 or Green Gas? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which translate into the functionality and performance of the airsoft gun. In our latest post, we discuss the use of both of these gases and try to answer the question which one is better. Read on!

Market research – an airsoft gun up to 130 EUR?

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The ASG market is thriving, offering a wide range of weapon replica choices. Budget versions are available for those just starting their airsoft adventure, as well as for those looking for a sidearm replica. If you want to know which ones are worth considering within the 130 EUR range, we invite you to read on. 

Nonairsoft accessories worth taking for a skirmish

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ASG is a sport which covers many areas. Thanks to this, it is also possible to use accessories whose purpose is not typically focused around airsoft. If you want to find out what unusual products can turn out to be useful on the battlefield, this post is for you! 

Speedsoft - what is this new type of ASG games all about?

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Speedsoft is a new airsoft game that is gaining more and more fans, although at its beginnings it was approached quite skeptically. It is fast, dynamic and short. And what are the speedoft rules? We discuss them in our latest post and reveal other interesting facts about speedsoft.

Blow Back - what does it do in airsoft guns?

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If you are interested in airsoft guns, you've certainly heard about the Blow Back system. It’s a functionality that increases the realism of using an airsoft gun and provides an enhanced experience. But is it really worth it to invest in airsoft guns equipped with Blow Back? In our latest post we explain the principles of this mechanism, as well as present its advantages and disadvantages. Read on!

M16 vs AK 47

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The M16 and the Kalashnikov are two very popular weapon designs. They are often compared with each other, because they were created at a similar time and their designers shared a similar idea. So, if you are wondering what they have in common and where are the differences - check out our latest post, where we compare the most important features of both iconic assault rifles.

How to pack a military backpack?

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Packing a backpack is an art worth learning. The correct arrangement of things in the backpack allows you to pack everything you need, and at the same time increases the comfort of carrying luggage. If you do not know yet how to pack a backpack, check out our latest post! 

CQB – what is it?

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Airsoft games can be divided into several categories and each of them has its own character and rules. Today we are discussing the course of CQB battles, so if you don’t know yet what they are and whether you’ll like them, check out our latest post.
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