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DSG / TSG - what kind of modifications are these?

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Airsoft technology is still moving forward, but I would compare its movement more to tectonic plates than to a car. We know something is moving, but we don't notice it until we experience an earthquake. For me, one example of such a quake is a modification that is called DSG or TSG. If we are looking for a way to significantly increase the rate of fire of replicas, especially in terms of CQB games, we should definitely consider this type of modification. Let's check what it is all about.

How to install the GATE ASTER in gearbox v3?

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Installing a new optic in your gearbox can be a good step to improve the durability of your airsoft gun. Read our latest post and you will find out if it is difficult to mount GATE ASTER optic and how to do it by yourself in gearbox v3. You are welcome!

Dye masks - why is it so popular and why should you use them?

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One of the most important pieces of protective equipment in paintball is undoubtedly the mask. It is also used in other games, such as airsoft. It is worth paying attention to the Dye Precision company, which is known for producing this type of equipment. But where did the popularity of Dye masks come from and what are the benefits of using them? Find out by reading our latest post!

A phone on airsoft games

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It won't be anything new if I say that the vast majority of people never leave their cell phones behind. In addition to the undeniably most important feature of these devices, which is the ability to take photos from a skirmish, they can also turn out to be useful for navigation or in the event of an emergency, to call for help. As we know, however, airsoft requires attention from players in order to protect delicate electronics. In today's article, we will check both how to use the phone and how to secure it during airsoft games.  

Airsoft magazine maintenance guide

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Sand, dust, plant particles and mud are things that should never be found in the barrel of your replica, and yet it may happen that despite taking care of the replica they will get to it and cause a jam, or scratch it inside, but from where? From the magazine, today I will show you how to avoid it by thoroughly cleaning it. 

ICS Challenger, a real Game Changer!

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The Challenger Hi-Capa from ICS is an airsoft replica that attracts gamers due in part to the innovative components and proven features used in it. Reading our newest post, you will find out more about its construction and why it is worth purchasing. Enjoy!

Reinforced CNC V2 gearbox shell Specna Arms Edition from Retro Arms

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The line of internal parts signed by Specna Arms is growing systematically. More and more manufacturers cooperate with this brand, preparing special versions of their products for it. Another example of such cooperation is the reinforced CNC V2 gearbox shell Specna Arms Edition from Retro Arms. In this article, we will check whether it will fit without modifications to the Specna Arms replica of the Edge series.

Specna Arms TITAN – review of airsoft gun

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Electronics have already settled down in airsoft guns for good. The latest Specna Arms offer brings us guns, factory-equipped with the advanced GATE TITAN MOSFET system. Let's check what can be used for such airsoft guns. Are they an excellent basis for further tuning or can they fulfil all our needs straight out of the box?

Where to get information about shooters?

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There are many sources of information about shooters. Without a doubt, the easiest way is to look for them on the Internet, where there are many groups associating airsoft enthusiasts. Check out where to look to stay up to date with what's going on in the airsoft world. Read our latest post!

Market research – an airsoft gun up to 450 EUR

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Another article from the airsoft market review series. We will present airsoft guns in the amount of up to 450 EUR. In this financial range, you can already find quite good equipment that will meet the expectations of most users. If you're still wondering which ASG airsoft gun to choose, you should definitely read this entry!

Acronyms that we often hear on airsoft games

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Beginning players have several obstacles ahead of them that must be overcome to have fun in the skirmishes. Today we will deal with one of them and explain some of the acronyms that can be heard during airsoft games. With this knowledge, it will certainly be easier to find yourself at the first few meetings. I would also like to point out that I will treat the abbreviations in this article very loosely, without limiting myself to pure acronyms, which will certainly allow me to include more interesting examples in the text. Enjoy!

Best starter airsoft rifle

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Every airsoft player had to choose their first airsoft gun at some point and we all know perfectly well that this was no mean feat; and that the help of more experienced shooters is very helpful. That is why this article was created - to give you some suggestions as to the best possible airsoft rifle to get you started with your airsoft adventure. If you’re already certain that the rifle (not the shotgun or a pistol) is your weapon of choice - keep reading!

Theta Optics GrooveCompact - features of red-dot scopes in airsoft

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Among the accessories for airsoft guns, you can find optical equipment to improve performance. One of them is the red-dot, which is popular among airsoft players and available for those with a limited budget. Today we will focus on the example of the Theta Optics GrooveCompact red-dot. We will talk about its construction and quality. Enjoy reading!

200 BBs in a single mid-cap? - review of Tornado magazines

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Choosing a BBs magazine is one of the elements of proper preparation for an airsoft game. There are different types available depending on the expected capacity. In this article, we will talk about the line of mid-cap magazines from Tornado. Check it out!

Paintball mask in airsoft

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I always approached people who used paintball masks in airsoft games with a distance. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to sacrifice easy folding for a shot in exchange for the promise of less fogging lenses. After all, after I started going to CQB-style parties more often myself, I decided to check it out for myself. It turns out that full face masks are not only cleaner glasses, but also a whole range of other advantages that I would like to tell you about today using the example of my Valken Annex MI-3 protective mask. 

Specna Core – an all-around airsoft gun?

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Specna Arms undoubtedly enjoys popularity and recognition among airsofters. One of the brand's lines that particularly deserves attention is the Specna Arms Core. See how much it has to offer by reading our latest post. 
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