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The end of heaviness - review of the Specna Arms Flex X airsoft gun

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Sometimes we like it when airsoft guns are heavy. In the long run, however, this is not the best path. Lighter replicas are getting better. The benefits of using them make them interesting propositions for new players and for people who want to expand their arsenal.

Gift for Boyfriend's Day 2023

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Boy's Day is a special occasion, often celebrated with gifts. Dive into our latest blog to discover some of the most creative and delightful gift ideas for your boyfriend. Explore with us!

The most popular camouflage in the world - Woodland

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Discussions about types of camouflage often lead to heated exchanges. Especially in the airsoft environment. However, it is hard not to get the impression that there is one model that is universally liked. Some people love it, others just tolerate it. However, few people openly hate him. So where does this popularity come from?

Why do you need an AK replica in your collection?

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Over time, when we play airsoft for several years, our collection of airsoft guns can grow to a considerable size. It is a good idea to stick to one platform and change only the length or, more generally, the use of replicas. However, it's also good to be diversified. This article will show you a few reasons why it is worth enriching your collection with AK replicas.

An example of AK airsoft gun tuning

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Gone are the days when gearbox v3 was a platform with no focus on heavy tuning. Replicas equipped with this construction can satisfy players with excellent performance. As in most cases, the selection of appropriate components and their professional assembly are important here.

Airsoft optics: an overview of aiming devices

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Airsoft without aiming would be... Well, not much different than now. Replicas do not have a long range, so sometimes we manage to hit an enemy even without precisely targeting. However, the right sights can change a lot in our game. Let's discuss their basic types.

Tips to avoid steamed up glasses in airsoft

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Steaming eye protection is the bane of many airsoft players. Regardless of whether we use goggles, a mask or simple glasses, the discussed problem can affect us. Let's check how we can minimize the formation of steam on our protective lenses and whether there are models of glasses that do not fog up.

Grenades and grenade launchers in airsoft

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Sometimes an airsoft gun is not everything. We need something with a larger firing power. Precision fades into the background and strength becomes the main argument. Airsoft grenades are an interesting solution that also has many supporters in airsoft games. So, what types of these gadgets will we encounter?

Airsoft in Leicester

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Leicester and its immediate surroundings are excellent areas for engaging in airsoft. There are several companies in this region dedicated to organizing professional skirmishes. If you're keen to find out which companies these are and how to prepare for such an event, delve into our latest post. Welcome!

What are the best boots for airsoft?

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Just as tires are the only point that connects cars to the road, shoes are often our only point of contact with the ground. It is worth making sure that they are selected in such a way as to ensure the comfort of the game. Let's discuss what to look for when choosing.

What to remember about when preparing for an airsoft game?

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Proper preparation for airsoft games can significantly improve comfort and quality of the game on the battlefield. You can find out what you should pay attention to when preparing your equipment for a shoot by reading our latest post. You are welcome!

The greatest sins of a player from the perspective of an airsoft game organiser

Date of addition:
There would be no airsoft games without the organizers. That's for sure. They wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the players. These two groups basically have common goals, but sometimes it is difficult for them to understand each other. Let's check what are the biggest sins of players from the perspective of the organizer of airsoft games.

Survival kit for skirmishes and hikes

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Airsoft is inextricably linked to various types of outdoor activities. No wonder. Even if, apart from participating in milsims or ordinary skirmishes, we do not go to the bosom of nature, we still have a lot of opportunities to use bushcraft techniques. It is therefore worth considering assembling a survival kit, which will be the subject of the next article.

Electronics in airsoft guns

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Airsoft guns have several types of propulsion. However, electricity is the most popular of them. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are often questions about the electronic systems used in airsoft replicas. The next article will shed some light on this issue.

Airsoft games - rational nutrition during exercise

Date of addition:
For some of us, airsoft is the dominant form of physical activity in life. So, it's worth considering how to replenish the calories burned during the skirmish. In this article, we will present some useful patents that will help you keep your energy, endurance and concentration at a high level during airsoft games.

Airsoft magazines - a guide for beginners

Date of addition:
No wonder that airsoft replicas seem to be a complicated topic, even if their magazines are divided into many groups and types. So, let's try to organize the knowledge about them for beginner players.

The best airsoft AK - ranking of three popular replicas of the AK platform

Date of addition:
Although AK platform replicas have become more and more popular in recent years, it can still be seen that there are fewer of them on the market than other designs. In the next article, we will check three popular models of this platform.

Free airsoft gun upgrades

Date of addition:
We just bought an airsoft gun or have had it for a while, but we feel something is wrong. We are constantly out of range or shots are not very precise. What’s more it is difficult to find funds for valuable tuning. In this article, we will present some simple but mostly free ways to improve the performance of the replica.

Psionic - a new brand focused on the Hop-Up system

Date of addition:
Many players wonder where to start tuning their airsoft gun. On the Internet, we can find many guides on this subject and a large part of them suggest investing in good quality hop-ups. Products that are worth considering when choosing parts are those offered by the Italian company Psionic Upgrades.

Shooting training with the Smart Target PRO device in airsoft

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We can say that there are two types of airsoft games. Those on which we learn nothing and those on which our opponents are better trained and we can learn something from them. In addition to efficient communication within the team and finding ways to approach opponents, it is also important to master our replica well. This last aspect can be safely trained even at home. The Smart Target system will help with this.
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