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A new dimension of sights - Theta Rugged PRO Red Dot Sight PRDS review

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Airsoft sights are often built to minimize costs while sacrificing durability. People looking for a solid structure that will meet the requirements of long-term gaming are left without a good solution. The manufacturer Theta Optics decided to solve this problem.

Cyber Monday - Deals You Can't Miss!

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Gunfire's Cyber Monday deals are set to be even more incredible! In our latest post, discover the best and most exciting deals on airsoft guns, shooting accessories, and tactical gear. Join us at for Cyber Monday deals you won't want to miss!

A holiday military gifts? Make the most of the Black Friday special offer!

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As the year comes to a close, expenses pile up. That's why it's the perfect time to take advantage of Black Friday deals! Dive into the holiday season by discovering the best military gifts at Gunfire. Join us for an unforgettable shopping experience!

Survival Gadgets - What's Worth Taking on a Survival Adventure?

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In survival situations, the right tools can make all the difference. In this post, we explore the essential survival gadgets for various scenarios. Join us on this journey into the world of survival gear. Welcome!

How to increase the range of an AEG airsoft gun?

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Regardless of what type of airsoft we practice, sooner or later a situation will arise when we will need to fire our airsoft gun. There is probably no player who would not prefer his replica to shoot further and more accurately. So, let's check how we can increase the range of an electric replica?

Airsoft mount systems

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The airsoft gun itself is often not enough. We need additional gadgets such as sights, additional grips and flashlights. In the next article on the Gunfire Blog, let's discuss selected popular systems and try to answer the question which is the best in airsoft.

An example of AK airsoft gun tuning

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Gone are the days when gearbox v3 was a platform with no focus on heavy tuning. Replicas equipped with this construction can satisfy players with excellent performance. As in most cases, the selection of appropriate components and their professional assembly are important here.

Where to get information about shooters?

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There are many sources of information about shooters. Without a doubt, the easiest way is to look for them on the Internet, where there are many groups associating airsoft enthusiasts. Check out where to look to stay up to date with what's going on in the airsoft world. Read our latest post!

EDC - what is it and what does it include?

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It's essential to be prepared for the challenges of everyday life, and Every Day Carry (EDC) can help you with that. In our latest blog post, we delve into what EDC is, its main principles, and how to create your own kit. Join us!

Airsoft magazines - a guide for beginners

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No wonder that airsoft replicas seem to be a complicated topic, even if their magazines are divided into many groups and types. So, let's try to organize the knowledge about them for beginner players.

MAPA Maskpol camouflage

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A lot has already been said about the MAPAA camouflage. Its existence became widely known when it was considered as a potential new pattern for use in Polish Army uniforms. Some time has passed since then, and MAPA uniforms are very popular at airsoft competitions and shooting ranges.

What to Buy on Black Friday? Exploring the Best Deals!

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We know you've been eagerly waiting for Black Friday 2023 at Gunfire, so we've prepared a quick overview of our best AIRSOFT promotions just for you! You'll find incredible deals that will amaze you and get your heart racing faster. Brew some chamomile tea to calm your excitement, and we invite you to start reading right now!

An airsoft game with a Halloween theme

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Halloween is a good opportunity to order a pizza and watch a scary movie. It's also a good opportunity to give out sweets to local kids for creative costumes. This is an ideal opportunity to complain about the above-described customs on the Internet. And the best opportunity to train. Because every excuse for training is good!

Rifle slings - useful equipment for every airsoft player

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Carrying an airsoft gun sometimes requires a lot of strength. Especially when it is a large or extremely heavy toy. Gun slings can make this task much easier. But this is not their only function. Thanks to them, we can free our hands for other tasks or protect airsoft gun from falling.

Specna Arms Core J-series - airsoft gun review

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If you ask at a regular Sunday skirmish who started their adventure with a plastic AK replica, you will surely see many hands in the air. Such structures were and still are quite popular. However, over time, players began to expect something more. The most basic airsoft guns made of less durable material are no longer of interest. Time for something more intriguing. J Core Series replicas are a very good proposition in this part of the market.

Historical airsoft guns

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Many people pay attention to airsoft replicas showcased on storefronts. Some of them are often featured on store shelfs but are a rare occurrence on skirmishes. At least that was my first impression. Nothing could be further from the truth. Historical airsoft guns have their own place on the scene and do not seem to want to move from it.

Specna Arms CNC V2 gearbox shell by Mancraft

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The advanced tuning of the replica allows only one compromise. We have to accept that good components are expensive. When it comes to the materials and solutions used, we really want to spend as little as possible. Recently, the offer of v2 gearbox frames made in CNC technology has been expanding, and with them a new product has been launched, which is the result of cooperation between Specna Arms and the Polish company Mancraft.

Electronics in airsoft guns

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Airsoft guns have several types of propulsion. However, electricity is the most popular of them. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are often questions about the electronic systems used in airsoft replicas. The next article will shed some light on this issue.

What are the best boots for airsoft?

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Just as tires are the only point that connects cars to the road, shoes are often our only point of contact with the ground. It is worth making sure that they are selected in such a way as to ensure the comfort of the game. Let's discuss what to look for when choosing.

Airsoft skirmish in the rain

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Sometimes we encounter a situation where regular shooting events are cancelled due to rain. And it would seem that such a situation could be easily prevented. All you need is some additional equipment and possibly verification of too ambitious scenario assumptions. So how do you prepare for a skirmish in the rain?
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