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Where to get information about shooters?

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There are many sources of information about shooters. Without a doubt, the easiest way is to look for them on the Internet, where there are many groups associating airsoft enthusiasts. Check out where to look to stay up to date with what's going on in the airsoft world. Read our latest post!

Airsoft magazines - a guide for beginners

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No wonder that airsoft replicas seem to be a complicated topic, even if their magazines are divided into many groups and types. So, let's try to organize the knowledge about them for beginner players.

MAPA Maskpol camouflage

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A lot has already been said about the MAPAA camouflage. Its existence became widely known when it was considered as a potential new pattern for use in Polish Army uniforms. Some time has passed since then, and MAPA uniforms are very popular at airsoft competitions and shooting ranges.

An airsoft game with a Halloween theme

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Halloween is a good opportunity to order a pizza and watch a scary movie. It's also a good opportunity to give out sweets to local kids for creative costumes. This is an ideal opportunity to complain about the above-described customs on the Internet. And the best opportunity to train. Because every excuse for training is good!

Rifle slings - useful equipment for every airsoft player

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Carrying an airsoft gun sometimes requires a lot of strength. Especially when it is a large or extremely heavy toy. Gun slings can make this task much easier. But this is not their only function. Thanks to them, we can free our hands for other tasks or protect airsoft gun from falling.

Historical airsoft guns

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Many people pay attention to airsoft replicas showcased on storefronts. Some of them are often featured on store shelfs but are a rare occurrence on skirmishes. At least that was my first impression. Nothing could be further from the truth. Historical airsoft guns have their own place on the scene and do not seem to want to move from it.

Electronics in airsoft guns

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Airsoft guns have several types of propulsion. However, electricity is the most popular of them. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are often questions about the electronic systems used in airsoft replicas. The next article will shed some light on this issue.

The most popular camouflage in the world - Woodland

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Discussions about types of camouflage often lead to heated exchanges. Especially in the airsoft environment. However, it is hard not to get the impression that there is one model that is universally liked. Some people love it, others just tolerate it. However, few people openly hate him. So where does this popularity come from?

Why do you need an AK replica in your collection?

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Over time, when we play airsoft for several years, our collection of airsoft guns can grow to a considerable size. It is a good idea to stick to one platform and change only the length or, more generally, the use of replicas. However, it's also good to be diversified. This article will show you a few reasons why it is worth enriching your collection with AK replicas.

Airsoft optics: an overview of aiming devices

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Airsoft without aiming would be... Well, not much different than now. Replicas do not have a long range, so sometimes we manage to hit an enemy even without precisely targeting. However, the right sights can change a lot in our game. Let's discuss their basic types.

Airsoft in Leicester

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Leicester and its immediate surroundings are excellent areas for engaging in airsoft. There are several companies in this region dedicated to organizing professional skirmishes. If you're keen to find out which companies these are and how to prepare for such an event, delve into our latest post. Welcome!

The greatest sins of a player from the perspective of an airsoft game organiser

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There would be no airsoft games without the organizers. That's for sure. They wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the players. These two groups basically have common goals, but sometimes it is difficult for them to understand each other. Let's check what are the biggest sins of players from the perspective of the organizer of airsoft games.

Psionic - a new brand focused on the Hop-Up system

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Many players wonder where to start tuning their airsoft gun. On the Internet, we can find many guides on this subject and a large part of them suggest investing in good quality hop-ups. Products that are worth considering when choosing parts are those offered by the Italian company Psionic Upgrades.

How to make your AK airsoft gun tactical?

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Sometimes we can come across the opinion that we don't adapt an AK airsoft gun to ourselves but to it. It is not difficult to find arguments in favor of this claim. However, in this article we will try to check how we can reverse this trend and make the AK replica more comfortable.

Why airsoft players don’t call their hits?

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Airsoft is a sport where the hit system is based on players reporting hits. It is the person who has been hit who must admit to being shot. This can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. For what reasons can players, often even unknowingly, not admit to being shot?

The worst features of the airsoft shooting organiser from the player's perspective

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Depending on our stage of life, going out for an airsoft skirmish can turn out to be a big investment of time and commitment. Since this is our hobby, we want to have fun with it and we hope that the time devoted to it will pass as well as possible. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles to a successful day. One of them may be incompetent organisers.

Rifles without airsoft counterparts

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The big advantage of airsoft is how well our replicas can resemble live firearms. This is a good feature for people focused on styling, but also for those who consider airsoft as a training tool. However, we will find constructions of firearms that have no airsoft counterparts. Let's check out some interesting examples.

What is a DMR airsoft gun?

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When reviewing the power limits of many airsoft events, we can come across the category of DMR replicas. These are also popular types of structures that players and service technicians boast about on internet forums. This type of replicas is characterized by high power and unparalleled accuracy of the shot. They are an intermediate link between classic assault replicas and sniper rifles. Let's check what DMR constructions are and what we should know about them.

Airsoft summary of 2022

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The year 2022 is slowly going down in history. Certainly, in terms of airsoft events, it was a time of a slow return to the level before the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's go back in time together and think about what happened this year that was related to our hobby and what we should remember.