AK 47 - Kalashnikov

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In the long history of the world's militaria, there have been models of weapons which have become part of it not only as iconic military equipment, but also as part of pop culture. Songs have been written about the famous Kalashnikov, it has been the theme of artistic works and has been used in films. But do you know what made the AK 47 so popular? We will try to answer this question in our latest post.

Airsoft or paintball?

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If you want to try your hand at shooting-related sports, you have several options to choose from. Airsoft and paintball are the most popular. Although they seem very similar, they are actually quite different. The differences are so significant that you might not necessarily like both of these disciplines. In our latest post, we explain what are the differences and suggest who should choose paintball and who should choose airsoft.

A story of how finally something changed in airsoft tech – Flat Hop!

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The use of flat-hop in an airsoft replica allows you to improve its standard performance. The advantage of this solution is that it can be carried out in our home airsoft workshop. Don't know how to do it? Read this article!

Camping out during long airsoft games - where does it come from?

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During long airsoft games, a significant group of players sit or nap at respawn. Instead of going out into the field, they prolong their stay at the base. This phenomenon, called camping, is more frequent and can be easily noticed at events lasting several days. What are the main reasons for such behavior? We have several hypotheses!

The unification of the type of magazines in airsoft team - what can go wrong?

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One of the stages of development of our airsoft team is unification. We choose uniforms with a similar masking pattern. We wear the same patches or headgear. One of the elements of this process is also the unification of airsoft magazines. Is it possible? What are its advantages and disadvantages? You will learn that from this material.

Airsoft traning – what can you train with your team?

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It is said that practice makes perfect. But in the airsoft? “It’s just running and gunning with bb guns, and the biggest job are doing the dollars that are put in the gearbox. A proper tactics and coordinated actions can change the situation drastically, so it is worth to train them from time to time with your team, instead of going only for the sunday skirmishes. But that could be topic of the team training? Here I come with the help.
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