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Tokyo Marui

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    Tokyo Marui brand products

    Tokyo Marui is one of the airsoft brands that drives the development of this industry and gives it direction. They’re constantly designing and launching innovative solutions, providing the airsoft community with increasingly more modern, realistic and high-performance equipment. Add to this the high quality of workmanship and materials used, and we get some of the best airsoft guns on the market - usually at a fair price, too.

    High quality Tokyo Marui airsoft guns

    Tokyo Marui's portfolio includes a whole range of various types of airsoft guns. Each premiere of a new airsoft gun is awaited with giddy impatience, as everybody’s wondering what the manufacturer came up with this time. After all, they are the ones responsible for the launch of the first pistol with the Blow Back system or airsoft guns with a metal gearbox - solutions that are now commonly used by almost all airsoft brands.

    Choosing and buying a Tokyo Marui airsoft gun, you’re guaranteed that your new weapon has been carefully refined. Each of its elements has been checked, and the whole thing simply must operate smoothly and without even the slightest hitch. Each shooter is bound to find an airsoft gun that will meet a 100% of their requirements - you can choose from a vast offer of assault rifles, pistols, shotgunsrevolvers or sniper rifles - all types of weapons, with different motors and parameters.

    The best and most popular Tokyo Marui products

    Tokyo Marui offers various types of airsoft guns, and your choice depends only on your plans for their use. For CQB games, we recommend airsoft gas guns, such as the Desert Eagle .50AE green gas pistol or the MP7 A1 submachine gun. Their parameters and dimensions are perfect for tight spaces. If you are interested in airsoft version of the most iconic firearms, such as Glock or Colt 1911, the G17 and the Hi Capa 5.1 airsoft guns are guaranteed to satisfy your expectations.

    Tokyo Marui also specializes in designing airsoft versions of historical and very original designs, bound to prove a valuable asset for collectors and all enthusiasts of old weaponry. If you’re one of them, you should definitely take a closer look at the SOCOM MK23 or the Tokyo Marui P90 airsoft guns. As for sharpshooters - we highly recommend the VSR 10 airsoft sniper rifle. Of course, Tokyo Marui also offers airsoft assault rifles. Interestingly, you will also find models powered by green gas, as in the case of the Tokyo Marui MWS. The use of gas propulsion in assault rifles is not a common occurrence - this category is dominated by electric airsoft guns, also available in the offer of this Japanese ASG manufacturer - one example being the HK416 airsoft assault rifle.

    Why choose the Tokyo Marui brand airsoft guns?

    Tokyo Marui manufactures airsoft guns for the most demanding players, who appreciate highly and carefully refined equipment. The great craftsmanship becomes evident right after unboxing your airsoft gun. The effect of this precision and the use of the highest quality elements is, above all, the smooth and faultless operation of every Tokyo Marui airsoft gun, their reliability on the battlefield and the certainty that they will prove themselves in all conditions. If, like the Japanese, you value extraordinary quality and strive for perfection, then Tokyo Marui airsoft guns are the only logical choice!