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Airsoft revolvers

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    Airsoft revolvers - handy airsoft sidearms with many applications

    The revolver is a very distinctive - even cult-status - type of weapon that is known not only to the afficionados of the Wild West. Its replicas are very valuable collectors' items and accessories used in historical reenactments. They will also prove useful on the airsoft battlefield, when we need a convenient airsoft sidearm.

    Airsoft revolvers versus the real deal 

    Airsoft revolvers usually imitate their firearm counterparts very faithfully. They are made of metal, wooden elements (especially older models) and durable synthetic materials, thanks to which they also have the right weight, which increases the realistic experience. The ammunition used in airsoft revolvers is plastic or biodegradable BBs, packed into replicas of casings, loaded into the chambers of the cylinder. This also lends the airsoft revolver a more realistic character and makes it possible to shoot only in single fire mode.

    How can an airsoft revolver be powered?

    An airsoft revolver is usually powered by gas - Green Gas or a CO2 cartridge. Some of you may think at this point that what we’re talking about here is airgun-revolver, but these are two different types of weapon replicas. The airgun uses shot, while the airsoft revolver - as we have already mentioned, is loaded with 6mm plastic BBs.

    This type of airsoft guns utilizes the compression and expansion properties of the gases that push the BB out of the revolver barrel. The type of gas used is very important when it comes to the operation and use of the airsoft revolver. Carbon dioxide usually provides a higher muzzle velocity, which also translates into increased range - as compared to the possibilities offered by Green Gas, although of course it may differ per individual airsoft revolver models. At the same time, it is also less stable and performs worse at low temperatures. If you plan to use your airsoft revolver all year round, it is definitely better to choose a model powered by Green Gas. If we want high power, then the CO2-powered airsoft revolvers family includes the most powerful models.

    Airsoft revolvers and their use in a shooter

    An airsoft revolver is a very versatile and practical type of handgun. On the one hand, it works well for learning how to shoot - it is small, so you can easily take it with you to the shooting range or even practice shooting in your garden. The small dimensions and the single fire function also make the airsoft revolver a capable and handy speedoft weapon. 

    CQB scenarios are another environment where a small and relatively light airsoft gun will work well - just keep in mind the applicable restrictions on the muzzle velocity! During games organized in the open, we are more likely to use airsoft assault rifles, but a revolver can also be useful - as an airsoft backup gun. There are also players for whom handguns complement their airsoft getup, with the revolver holster and the airsoft revolver itself constituting an element of styling.

    Iconic airsoft revolvers

    The family of airsoft guns of course also includes the most iconic models, such as the Colt Python and many other revolvers by this brand. The whole history of this type of weapon began with Colt, and often when we think about a revolver, we picture a Colt. No wonder that airsoft manufacturers focus to a large extent on imitating this brand, but apart from that, there are also airsoft versions of other famous revolvers available on the market - Smith & Wesson or Magnum. They are a valuable asset for historical reenactors, collectors and afficionados of historical weapons in general.


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