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Airsoft Glock

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    Glock - history, models and airsoft guns

    Glock is a brand that needs no introduction, not only amongst firearms enthusiasts. Everyone who’s ever had a run-in with contemporary pop culture knows it very well. The Glock pistol appears very often in movies and action series, and its proper name is even used interchangeably with the term "weapon".

    Glock pistols are a cult brand of weapons, distinguished by a characteristic construction and silhouette. It is one of the elements of the equipment of army and police forces in many countries; it’s also a very popular item among reenactment groups and in the world of airsoft, using the cult firearms’ ASG counterparts.

    The history of the Glock firearms

    The Austrian Glock company was founded in 1963 by Gaston Glock. In 1980, the company took part in a competition announced by the Austrian Army, requiring a completely new sidearm design. The design process lasted six months. Glock won the competition, of course.

    Glock pistols were first introduced as military and police equipment in Austria, with other countries to follow: the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway, as well as the United States. Poland also equipped its police force with Glock pistols. In 1996, two very popular models were introduced - Glock 17 and Glock 19, and in 2001 - Glock 26.

    The Glock pistol quickly became a popular and widely used firearm - it was a very modern design for its time. These days, it’s still used by professional shooters as well as ASG fans - the Glock pistol is one of the most popular airsoft guns, and many airsoft manufacturers are trying to reproduce the original.

    Glock - ASG and pistols of this brand

    As Glock pistols are one of the most popular firearms, it was just a matter of time before the inception of their airsoft counterparts. BB Glocks can also be unfailing, provided that you choose a high-quality airsoft gun. If you want its appearance to be as faithful as possible, it is definitely worth choosing an airsoft gun the manufacturer of which is officially licensed by Glock. This provides them with the right to accurately reproduce the details of the appearance and apply original markings.

    Glock - airsoft gun

    The Glock BB pistol, like other airsoft handguns, is usually powered by CO2 or green gas. This allows for high initial speeds, which is why the Glock gas airsoft gun is often used as a side pistol, as support in scenarios played in open terrain.

    On the other hand, high BB velocities are not recommended during CQB skirmishes, where handguns are the main type of weapons used. The Glock airsoft pistol can work well in confined spaces, but only if powered by an electric motor. The ASG - CO2 Glock can also prove less predictable at low temperatures, as they affect gas compression and expansion. For this reason, it is also sometimes better to choose an electric airsoft gun, especially if you intend to use it all year round.

    Licensed Glock replicas

    Among airsoft equipment manufacturers, despite the many Glock model replicas available on the market, only Umarex has the right to make licensed airsoft guns. These products are made with attention to every detail, making them faithful copies of the originals with great value for collectors. Each copy has a serial number and appropriate markings. Their price is higher, but every airsoft enthusiast knows that buying a licensed replica is an investment for years.

    The most popular Glock pistols

    Glock pistols are still used by the uniformed forces in many countries. They are characterized by reliability a result of their unique construction. Based on a polymer skeleton, the weapon is durable, light and has a very advanced safety system that allows safe carriage.

    Various models of Glock pistols have been developed over the years. They mainly differ in dimensions, caliber of ammunition and construction details. They might differ in terms of the number of bullets within the double-row chamber or the type of sights used.

    • Glock 17 - the first and most classic model that is still very popular to this day. It’s compatible with 9 mm caliber ammunition, loaded into a magazine holding 19 rounds. The Glock 17 is equipped with Glock fixed mechanical sights.

    • Glock 18 - the first automatic Glock pistol, which differs from the Glock 17 model in terms of dimensions. This feature makes it impossible to switch parts between these two versions of the pistol and thus prevents the conversion of the Glock 17 into a fully automatic firearm.

    • Glock 19 - a compact version that works well as both a primary weapon and a backup, easily concealable under clothing. The reduced dimensions of the pistol did not however reduce ts functionality. It’s still a proven and versatile weapon.

    • Glock 44 - based on the Glock 19 design, featuring the same compact dimensions. Glock 44 is also the first weapon of this brand to feature rimfire.

    • Glock 45 - one of the newest designs, which features the same grip length as in Glock 17, with the length of the slide identical to Glock 19. The redesigned, threaded barrel provides better accuracy, making the Glock 45 an even more reliable weapon.

    Glock - the price of actual firearms and airsoft guns

    The prices of Glock firearms are quite high and of course require having a license to even think about buying them. Airsoft guns are not only more readily available, but also much cheaper. The usually faithfully resemble the real firearm and they also imitate its behavior very well.

    A Glock airsoft pistol can also be equipped with additional accessories, e.g. a Glock collimator sight or other types of sights. You can also get some other original tactical pieces of gear. For example - the Glock knife, which will make a great set with your Glock airsoft gun during airsoft meets.