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Gas powered guns

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    Gas replicas - description and characteristics 

    One of the basic groups of replicas in the ASG world are the so-called gas guns. Their principle of operation relies on the expansion of the gas, which then causes the ball to be fired. It is currently the kind of replica that resembles the real-life originals the most.

    Gas replicas in airsoft

    No batteries or accumulators are needed for gas-powered replicas, which is definitely their great advantage over other types of replicas. They are usually powered by green gas or CO2 cartridges. Green gas is a mixture of propane and maintenance oils. It is available in large containers, which are used to replenish the replica tank (usually in a magazine form). The downside is the need to carry the container with you during long games. However, green gas replicas fit perfectly into the CQB game limits, which definitely translates into the popularity of these models. As far as CO2 is concerned, the gas is available in capsules, which have to be replaced after use. Unfortunately, this type of power supply generates more power, which exceeds the limits of games played at small distances.

    Blow-back in gas replicas and realism of use

    Most gas replicas are equipped with a Blow-Back system, which simulates the movement of the lock, similar to the original models used by special units. This way the user experiences the feeling of blow-back of the lock, which makes a characteristic sound. An interesting fact is that after firing the magazine the lock remains in the rear position. This translates into even greater realism of use.

    Gas replicas at negative temperatures

    The biggest disadvantage of gas replicas, which almost every airsoft lover regrets, is their low efficiency during low temperatures. Unfortunately, playing with such replicas in winter often becomes practically impossible. Manufacturers usually guarantee operation at 5° Celsius, but it should be remembered that in reality, the proper functioning of gas-powered replicas depends on many factors.

    What to keep in mind when deciding what replica to buy for your first battles? Gas replicas are mainly short pistols. Shotguns, assault and sniper rifles are also becoming increasingly popular. Regardless of what you choose, they all provide a real feeling during use, which plays a tremendous role in airsoft.