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QuickFix - airsoft guide for beginner-level players


QuickFix is a collection of technical advices videos made by Gunfire's Technical Department. Here you will be shown how to properly take care of your replica and how to proceed with basic repairs and modifications. Also here you can find out how to proceed when your airsoft gun stops shooting and how to make it shoot more accurately. 

Instructions, that are gathered in our videos, will lead you step by step through the maze of airsoft devices and deliver practical knowledge useful for day to day exploitation.


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1. No trigger reaction 
2. Motor height adjustment 
3. GBB replicas' maintenance  
4. Jammed BB
5. Real-cap, low-cap & mid-cap
6. Let's check the battery 
7. Not working hop up regulation 
8. How to disassemble the replica
9. How to disassemble the replica part 2
10. How to disassemble JG608 and alike
11. Greasing the gas blowback replicas 
12. How to disassemble a sniper rifle replica  
13. GBB maintenance shown at AR-15 type replica 
14. Front grip disassembly in AR-15 replicas  
15. KeyMod front assembly in AR-15 replicas  
16. Front grip assembly in AR-15 replicas  
17. How to disassemble Cm.032 replica  
18. Most common chargers' errors  
19. ASCU programming and checking prior to installation
20. How to fix a hi-cap magazine.
21. How to disassemble CM028 replica.
22. How to disassemble GF 46 RS replicas and similar
23. How to change spring in E&L V2 replicas
24. How to change fire selector in AR-15 replicas
25. Programming the Jefftron MOSFET module
26. How to properly assemble the sear assembly in the MB01 replica and its derivatives
27. How to assemble the trigger sear in SR spring-type replicas: Well, AVGM, Marui
28. How to accurately assemble the SC-01 fire selector
29. How to check the ASCU module (before mounting) - UPDATE
30. How to disassembly GFG 29 replica
31. Spring change - ESA system
32. Spring change - E&L ELAK system
33. Spring change - SAEC system
34. Charging NiMH, Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries
35. Spring change - Enter&Convert system
36. Magazine compatibility chart



Airsoft beginnings are not easy, because ASG is a hobby that requires particular equipment. The offer of airsoft gun models available on the market is enormous and can be very daunting. If we want to have good results, not only training is important, but also working with the right airsoft gun, which must be properly set, maintained, and sometimes even tuned. As you can see, there are a lot of things to keep in mind, so we have prepared a short guide for beginners, which will also constitute an introduction to further considerations, as it includes concepts that should be further developed.

Airsoft guns - a guide for beginners

The airsoft gun is the basis and the most important element of this sport - without it there would be no airsoft. The airsoft gun imitates real models of weapons, starting from historical up to the modern ones, which are, after all, constantly designed and developed. The airsoft gun family includes handguns, such as revolvers and pistols, as well as airsoft submachine guns, shotguns, various sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns. They utilize various power sources - we can choose between spring, gas (green gas or CO2) and electric airsoft guns. So, which one should you choose to start with? The answer is simple: it depends.

What kind of airsoft gun should I choose to begin with?

It all depends on the budget that we can allocate for our airsoft gun. The general rule is that a spring airsoft gun is cheaper than a gas / electric one, but it’s not set in stone. Spring airsoft sniper rifles can be expensive, but are usually chosen by more experienced players. If we have never shot before and want to practice, a cheap spring airsoft pistol may be enough - however, in case of airsoft games, we will need a more advanced airsoft gun.

The electric airsoft assault rifle is the most frequently chosen model, by players with all possible levels of experience. It is the most functional and universal airsoft gun - it works well in a wide variety of roles on the battlefield. It is often equipped with additional mechanisms, such as Blow-Back, Hop-Up, MOSFET or ETU systems. The most popular assault rifle brands include Specna ArmsG&G and WELL.

How to store and maintain airsoft guns?

In order for our airsoft gun to work long and efficiently, it must be taken care of. For this purpose, it is worth keeping it in a special gun bag / suitcase, including when traveling with our weapon. This will guarantee avoiding damage and contamination that can damage or even completely ruin our airsoft gun. When storing your airsoft gun, remove all BBs from the magazines and take care of the appropriate level of battery charge. It is also worth cleaning and lubricating your airsoft gun on a regular basis.

The first airsoft game - what else will we need?

If we want to try our airsoft gun out on the battlefield, we will need a few more accessories. Every weapon requires ammunition - in this case, plastic or biodegradable BBs. BBs differ in weight, and the general rule is that weight should be matched to the power of the given airsoft gun. The lower the muzzle velocity, the lighter the BB should be, but it is best to test different BBs and see how they work with a specific airsoft gun and its settings - for example, the Hop-Up system. It is also very important to protect one’s eyes - by means of goggles / safety glasses - without them, we will not be allowed to enter any official airsoft arena; they should be worn at all time, for the whole duration of any airsoft game. Eye protection should meet ballistic standards, as only then we have a guarantee that they will stop a BB flying in our direction. As they gain experience, each airsoft player discovers what else they need to play - for example military clothing, a helmet, a sling belt, a mask or a tactical vest.

Your airsoft gun and future airsoft games - tuning. A guide for those who want more

As you keep playing airsoft, you might notice a growing need for a more powerful airsoft gun, which will provide a better range and precision of shots. This does not always mean having to buy a new model. Instead, you can try tuning your current airsoft gun. Tuning is generally a very extensive topic, so today we will only briefly mention some possible modifications. However, it is worth exploring further, as sometimes it is enough to make only a few changes to achieve very satisfactory results. We can use precision barrels, a stronger spring, replace elements in the Hop-Up system and experiment with its settings, and thus also with the weight of the BBs used. More advanced modifications can also be related to gearbox and motor tuning - however, those require a deeper knowledge of the subject. So, before we start tuning, it is definitely worth obtaining some level of theoretical knowledge first and taking advantage of the experience of more advanced colleagues.