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Spring airsoft pistol

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    Spring airsoft pistol - description and usage 

    Spring-powered airsoft guns often remain a fond memory for players who started out when the cheapest AEG was the equivalent of a month's salary. Despite their somewhat archaic design and low combat value, these replicas still have a devoted following.

    Design characteristics

    Spring-powered airsoft guns are lightweight and easy to handle replicas with low power. The spring drive is characterised by the need to reload each time after firing. In the case of airsoft guns, this is done by pulling the lock back and then releasing it so that it returns to its original position. The construction is much simpler than that of electric or gas replicas. The user, by reloading the spring gun, tightens the piston and draws the ball into the HU chamber. Pressing the trigger releases the piston, which compresses air in the cylinder, followed by a shot.

    Disadvantages of spring pistol replicas

    The main disadvantage of this type of replica is its power, oscillating around 180-220 FPS, which translates into a shorter range. It is therefore recommended to use balls which do not exceed 0.20g. Spring-powered airsoft guns are also characterised by a low rate of fire. Fans of tuning may also be disappointed, as there are no spare parts for spring-loaded replicas, and any attempts to fit stronger springs usually end up with the trigger mechanism links breaking. Metal guns are also a rarity. For these reasons, some players contemptuously refer to spring-powered replicas as "holster-fillers".

    Advantages of spring-powered guns

    Spring guns for airsoft are the least expensive replicas, as their price oscillates around 100 PLN. Despite their low cost, they often come with so-called trademarks, i.e. the markings of the original manufacturer, such as Walther, Beretta or Glock. The low power of spring-loaded replicas means a low probability of accidentally hurting another player, so it is worth using them during training. One of the biggest advantages of spring-powered replicas is their durability. Properly used, they can fire literally buckets of bullets without a slightest failure.

    Spring guns in airsoft are a good solution for a so-called "last chance replica". They can also be used for training. Spring-loaded replicas are also frequently selected for LARP-type games, where technical parameters are not so important, and the replicas are treated as an addition to the game's plot. These types of replicas are also used during so-called "spring parties", i.e. casual games where only spring-loaded replicas are allowed (as in the "good old days").