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How to make a silencer for an airsoft gun from car filter


Use of the oil filter silencer

I first encountered such a device in Call of Duty Modern Warfare from 2019. In one of the missions, the player-controlled character has to sneak between opponents and uses the oil filter unscrewed from the car as a silencer. Let's start by getting one thing straight. At best, such a solution would be extremely difficult to implement with real firearms. Silencers are complex devices and their design cannot be accidental. Even if the thread of the filter would fit on the end of the barrel, there are some further doubts. Will he hold on at all? Will oil residues contaminate the mechanism? Won't shooting through the filter end up breaking it at all? Generally, in the case of firearms, this is a very, very bad idea. After all, we see it in computer games and this trend also goes to airsoft.

However, is this solution practical in skirmishes? This is quite an embarrassing question. I don't think so. Does it look cool? Of course. Will appearing with such a muzzle device cause a wave of questions about how we made it? That's for sure! I admit, however, that playing with a piece of metal can filled with filtering material at the end of the barrel is not very pleasant. It's not practical. But is everything in airsoft practical? Definitely not. Certainly, such a styling can be interesting for people interested in cosplay or for LARP event goers. Generally, for players more focused on styling at the expense of comfort. Certainly, the cost of such an accessory is relatively small. Compared to commercial muzzle devices for airsoft guns, it is a bargain. Let me just add that I will describe the presented solution on the example of the Specna Arms J-04 Edge 2.0 airsoft gun, which we looked at in one of the previous articles.

Make an airsoft silencer from car filter - step by step

In computer games, when there is such a solution as a car filter silencer, the character controlled by the player simply pulls the device out of the car or motorcycle. Then they screw it onto the end of the barrel of their pistol or rifle. In fact, the matter is a bit more complicated. But even in the case of the airsoft equivalent, we do not have to spend much effort to enjoy the filter silencer. However, before we get to the description of the work, let's list the tools and materials needed. Measuring devices such as callipers or tape measure will come in handy. You will need a punch or other tool to mark the holes. A drill and a set of metal drill bits will be required. And ... a computer with Internet access. As always, remember the safety rules when working with tools and sharp materials.

We check the thread diameter of our replica's muzzle device. Of course, the easiest way to do this is to unscrew the tip from the barrel and check the dimension with a calliper or a ruler. The most common dimensions are either 24 or 14 millimetres. However, one thing must be remembered. Often, 14mm threads on replicas are left-handed. Let's pay attention to this when unscrewing the airsoft gun's muzzle device.

Caliper with airsoft barrel unscrewed

The next step is research. We need to find the website of the manufacturer of car filters. Most of these companies have an online catalogue where you can search for parts by dimensions. We choose oil or fuel filters. From the available options, we need to make sure that we are looking for complete cans and not only filter cartridges. Then we find models with the same thread as our airsoft gun. It may happen that the left-hand thread at the end of our barrel will be a problem. Then we can think about an adapter that will change the direction of winding the silencer. The vast majority of car filters are screwed clockwise.


After determining what filter, we need to buy, we look for it in an online or physical automotive store. Then it's time for a test it on our airsoft gun. This is an important step, because if for some reason it does not fit, there will still be a chance to return it. It's harder when we make an exit hole in it.

Car filter on airsoft barrel

If we decide on a fuel filter, depending on the specific model, it may already have an outlet opening. Then it is enough to check whether it is in the axis of our barrel. The situation is different when there is no such hole. You have to do it yourself. To do this, mark the drilling location in the middle of the filter on the other side of its housing in relation to the thread and drill it. Preferably, the hole made is at least about 8 to 10 millimetres. We can make even bigger. Thanks to this, we are sure that the BBs will pass without problems.

Drilling hole in car filter

The last step is to re-screw our silencer filter onto the airsoft gun's barrel. When screwing in, it is worth paying attention to whether we screw our muzzle device straight. This will make sure we don't mess up the thread. 

I also have some advice for A+ students. One of the ideas suggested by a viewer of my YouTube channel was to make an exit hole with a centre punch and burn its edges. This would make the hole look like one made by a bullet from a real firearm. I personally haven't tried it myself, but the idea seems interesting. The sheet metal from which the filters are made is not too thick, so starting with a sharp device, it should be easy to pierce it. Just remember that this way we create a lot of sharp edges at the end, so you have to be careful. It is also possible to remove the filter cartridge and hide in it, for example, a tracer illuminator. This, however, will require quite precise cutting of the housing and inventing a way to close it. Of course, in this case, you also need to get rid of the filter cartridge from the inside of the described part. 

Airsoft silencer from car filter

Homemade airsoft silencer – summary

As you can see, converting a car filter into an airsoft gun silencer is not an overly complicated operation. Apart from making the exit hole, probably the most difficult logistical challenge is finding the right part that will become a base for us. For me, this solution is mainly used for Instagram photos and less demanding local games. It is definitely worth trying if you are interested in unusual accessories for an airsoft gun.


Author: Boreq

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