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Some elements of the airsofter's inventory are extremely underrated, while actually they are important part of the mandatory equipment whether we want it or not. In fact, to start playing airsoft ... protective glasses are enough. You don't even need a replica to start with. However, once you get your AEG, gas or spring rifle, you should search for a solid cover to be able to safely and without any unnecessary sensation transport your airsoft equipment to the battlefield. Of course, you can wrap a carabine in a Flecktarn uniform or Keffiyeh, but let's be serious, with about 20EUR to spend on a bag, it's worth getting interested in the Primal Gear brand offer.


Gun Bag, Primal Gear


Tough call

The Primal Gear catalog consists of a several different designs of bags and covers, which differ in size, purpose, or the presence of additional pockets. Starting with a small pistol cover and a simple Breacher for a shotgun, through the universal models Vasak and Smilodon and ending with  sniper covers with a folding shooting mat and large Mammoth covers that can easily fit two carabines, or a powerful machine gun.

Gun Bag, Primal Gear 


I picked the medium model of a gun bag - Vasak, which prepossessed me with a simple design. I needed a cover with a light stiffener, and foam filling, which will fit one replica of a rifle (AK74, sometimes some AR15) and a few necessary accessories: 6-8 mid-cap magazines, Li-Po bag with several spare batteries, sling. That's all. I believe that the replica cover should be used to carry the replica, so any additional pockets, chambers or MOLLE straps are an unnecessary luxury that increases the weight and price of such a product.

Gun Bag, Primal Gear, Handles 


Design and functionalities

Primal Gear Vasak gun cover is exactly like that. It has a smooth outer side without additional pockets or mounting straps. On the one hand, as I mentioned, it helps to reduce the weight of the gun bag, on the other, nothing sticks out here and it is much easier to push such a smooth cover into the stuffed car trunk, when going to a skirmish. It is also easier to fit and store such a cover in a home closet. The latter one is quite important, as it helps you to void your wife's anger.

Gun Bag, ASG stock 


The main compartment is zipped with a speed double zipper.

Gun Bag, Primal Gear, zipper 


Inside the bag on one of the walls, we can find the only additional pockets present in the Vasak model. These are 4 pouches in the AR15 / STANAG magazine standard, each of them will fit 2 AR15 magazines or a one AK magazine. They have a traditional velcro flap. Instead of magazines, of course, we can use those pouches to carry some small items or accessories for a replica, such as optics, grips or flashlights.

 Gun Bag, Primal Gear, magazine pouch



Gun Bag, Primal Gear, AK105, ASG replica

In addition, inside the main compartment of the cover you won't find any unnecessary details. There are only three stabilizing straps to attach the replica so that it does not move inside the bag while transporting. Those are simple and thin Velcro tapes and unfortunately, that's not the strongest point of the Vasak cover.

Primal Gear 


I think that the manufacturer could use a more solid and stable attachment of the rifle, because those used are quite fragile. It can become a problem when we want to transport firearms. It's weird, especially that the Primal Gear bag, according to the manufacturer, is recommended not only for fans airsoft replicas but also for lovers of "adult" shooting. Anyway, they fulfill their role and when I was carrying my rather heavy AK105 steel replica (over 4kg in weight) in the cover, all elements of my equipment stayed in place.




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