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CowCow Technology

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CowCow Technology has been a provider of modern airsoft gun tuning solutions since 2018, focusing primarily on the highest quality of its products. The offer includes parts for gas replicas from manufacturers such as Tokyo Marui, KWA, or Umarex. The new parts significantly improve the parameters and performance of the airsoft guns. They are compatible with the respective models, thus they do not require any mechanical adjustments and each user can perform the tuning on their own. CowCow Technology focuses on modern solutions - the parts are made of materials that are light, but durable and resistant to deformation. The offer includes reinforced heads or nozzles, made of the above-mentioned resistant polymers. If a gasket is attached to the kit, it is also tested for resistance to high pressure, so by choosing these products you can be sure of their highest quality.

Tuning of gas airsoft guns

Modifications in airsoft are very common - as they gain experience, the players like to adjust airsoft guns to their requirements, also when it comes to gas ones - especially improving their range and focus. With these models' resistance to low temperatures is also important. Factory models often fail in winter - properly selected parts guarantee proper operation even at temperatures around 0-5 degrees Celsius.

CowCow Technology guarantees high-quality products, which is especially important for gas airsoft guns. Parts for models from this supplier extend the lifespan of the gun, letting you save on service.