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    Colt – revolver manufacturer

    Colt is a brand and an extremely popular name for a revolver and many other types of firearms. The name derives from the name of the inventor and industrialist Samuel Colt, who created the design for the first successful model of a fast shooting cap revolver. Originally it was a weapon designed to use black gun powder. The design itself was considered to be a revolution in the firearms market, as the other guns were only firing a single shot. The next one required reloading, which took about 20 seconds. Nowadays, the Colt is one of the largest manufacturers of various types of firearms.

    Characteristic models of the brand

    One of the brand's characteristic models is the Colt 1911 Airsoft - a short weapon that allows you to shoot with a pulled cap. This solution allows you to shorten the distance of the trigger as well as the amount of pressure, and thus improve accuracy. The magazine can hold both bullets and CO2 cartridges. The Colt CO2 replica is powered by a single CO2 capsule. This type of drive and a reasonable initial discharge speed allow multiple shots to be fired without changing the capsule. The Colt Green Gas has a similar effect and does not need to be reloaded before the next shot is fired. The spring-loaded Colt requires reloading each time a shot is fired.

    The Colt offer doesn't just include guns. It' s also including revolvers. The Colt revolver utilizes plastic, rubber or composite 6mm balls. A replica of the Colt Python revolver is one of the most popular models, which is made of durable plastic and metal. This model is powered by one CO2 capsule and the first shots can be fired at up to 520 FPS. In addition, it is powered by the dummy shells, into which 6mm balls are inserted.

    Colt's offer includes not only small arms and revolvers, but also long rifles. A wide range of perfectly reproduced models made under the brand's license makes you feel as if you are using a firearm even while playing. If you are a beginner you should know that using an Airsoft makes it easier to develop proper shooting behavior, i.e. posture, aiming and handling of the weapon.

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