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DIY - reducing wobbling in airsoft replicas

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There is nothing more annoying than knocking, rattling, or crackling in our airsoft replica. Unless we run with a drum magazine filled with balls or a packet of drops in our pocket, the source of noise from our gear may be wobbling in the airsoft replica. Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon that may occur in new products. In this material, we suggest how to eliminate them.

DIY - how to improve the gearbox without replacing any parts

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There is a new phenomenon, where all the people who buy a new airsoft replica, instantly take it to the service and upgrade some parts like wiring, hop-up bucking, barrel etc. Sometimes one can even hear rumors, that an out of box AEG is not usable in the field, and that rumors are often heard by inexperienced, new players.

Improvise, adapt, overcome - snow camouflage budget tips

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Read another article about masking and camouflage in airsoft. This time, we present ways to mask in the winter season. Games in snow look different, and on the white background, most of the colors are clearly visible. How to increase your chances on a winter battlefield, despite not wearing uniforms and winter gear? As the saying goes: Improvise, adapt, overcome! Here are some simple solutions.