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How to Set Up a Red Dot Sight?

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Sighting tools - especially the more modern ones - significantly enhance the precision and speed of shooting, provided they are set up correctly. If you have never had the opportunity to adjust a reflex sight, we provide you with a proven method in our latest post. Join us!

Speedsoft - what is this new type of ASG games all about?

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Speedsoft is a new airsoft game that is gaining more and more fans, although at its beginnings it was approached quite skeptically. It is fast, dynamic and short. And what are the speedoft rules? We discuss them in our latest post and reveal other interesting facts about speedsoft.

Blow Back - what does it do in airsoft guns?

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If you are interested in airsoft guns, you've certainly heard about the Blow Back system. It’s a functionality that increases the realism of using an airsoft gun and provides an enhanced experience. But is it really worth it to invest in airsoft guns equipped with Blow Back? In our latest post we explain the principles of this mechanism, as well as present its advantages and disadvantages. Read on!

M16 vs AK 47

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The M16 and the Kalashnikov are two very popular weapon designs. They are often compared with each other, because they were created at a similar time and their designers shared a similar idea. So, if you are wondering what they have in common and where are the differences - check out our latest post, where we compare the most important features of both iconic assault rifles.