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Speedsoft - what is this new type of ASG games all about?


The sport of airsoft is not only about shooting at an opponent. It features various categories, each with its own rules and character, which makes ASG more diverse. Thanks to this, each of you can choose games that meet your expectations or are adapted to your capabilities, e.g. physical or time - related. Some of them are more extensive and can last many hours, others are fast and very dynamic. An example of the last category of skirmishes is speedsoft.

What are the characteristic features of speedsoft?

ASG is an ever-evolving discipline, and speedsoft is the best proof of this evolution. This is a new category, or - as some would have it - variety of airsoft, the rules of which are actually just taking shape; it is gaining more and more popularity every year. It is definitely distinguished from other ASG scenarios by speed, high dynamics, or even aggressiveness of the action.

The speedsoft scenario is simple and always the same - teams of five fight to take over the flag and then transfer it to the other side of the arena. The game takes place on a relatively small and symmetrical battlefield, which is additionally dotted with obstacles. The players have to jump, throw themselves to the ground, slide, and of course also watch out for their opponents. These games require the players to be in good shape, as they have to run a lot. Even though each round only takes 5 minutes, it takes a heavy toll. Players must also be careful and attentive not to lose their only life.

speedsoft players

Controversies surrounding speedoft skirmishes

Speedsoft was not immediately warmly welcomed by the entire airsoft community. Especially its more experienced part did not allow for the possibility of organizing this type of competition as part of airsoft events. Speedsoft games are fast and not very realistic - they largely derive from paintball. On the other hand, ASG is based on a fairly faithful reenactment of real gunfire exchanges, so these two disciplines differ quite significantly from each other in this respect.

speedsoft player shoots a replica

Preparation for speedsoft games

Speedsoft games obviously require appropriate equipment, i.e. airsoft gun. However, when it comes to other equipment, it should be as minimalistic as possible. The battles are short and very dynamic, so the players’ mobility cannot be hampered by too much gear. Any additional equipment is just an unnecessary burden - and besides, there is not much time to use it anyway. Players often put on only light sports shoes and clothes and, thus attired, have at it.

If you found this description interesting, we certainly encourage you to check out for yourself what speedsoft games look like. They are becoming more and more popular, so it is worth forming your own opinion. Perhaps you will find a new passion in speedsoft, which will add variety to standard airsoft skirmishes.

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