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Expensive vs cheap airsoft equipment - is it worth paying extra?


What airsoft guns are worth paying extra for?

The dilemma, which is the axis of this article, can affect virtually any airsoft player, regardless of their experience in the hobby. When we buy a replica, we want to spend our money in the best possible way for several reasons. Most of the time, we do not have many of them at our disposal. Either we have been collecting for the first dream replica for a long time or we are not sure if we will like airsoft and we do not want to invest a lot at the beginning. In addition, you must always remember that apart from the airsoft gun, we will need eye protection, a battery, charger and tactical equipment. There is a lot at once. It doesn't get any better after a while. Our resources will always be limited in some way. For this reason, we will usually try to get as much of a replica as possible for our money.

airsoft player holding an airsoft gun

As for the airsoft gun, at the beginning I will present an unpopular opinion. Most of the designs on the market will be good. I would only avoid the cheapest electric replicas and sniper rifles. In fact, most AEGs in the EUR 120-200 range will offer satisfactory performance straight out of the box. I don't think more should be spent on a replica to start with. If we have a larger budget, we should allocate it to the rest of the equipment. The first airsoft replica, just like the first car, will be a testing ground for us. It will be used to find out what we need, what style of play we prefer or what we are missing. Then we will be able to buy more replicas more consciously. And I know from experience that it never ends with one or two.

But what if we already know what we want and are looking for another replica for ourselves? Here, I advise you not to save. On the one hand, the more we spend on a replica, the less we will need to change it to meet our requirements. On the other hand, it may turn out that a high-quality replica does not need to be tuned at all, because it has satisfactory performance for us straight from the box. I would definitely pay attention to two things. First, construction. Metal replicas, preferably those where most of the elements are aluminium or steel, will usually be a better choice. The same goes for the internal parts. If they are supplied by a recognized manufacturer, there will be no need to replace them. What not to pay attention to? In my opinion, for accessories added to replicas. I would not buy a replica because it offers a grip as standard or it has the stock that I am looking for. It is easier to buy such accessories over time, even if it means that we play for some time in a configuration that is less ideal for us.

What, apart from the replica itself, requires more money?

As mentioned above. Often the purchase of a replica is just the beginning of our airsoft expenses. What accessories directly related to the replica justify spending a little more? It is definitely worth putting on a good quality battery and charger right away. Most microprocessor chargers will be recommendable. In fact, I would only avoid the cheapest, the so-called "cubes". They will fulfil their role, but will not give us full control over the charging process. For more details, see the articles about batteries on our blog. When it comes to the battery, it is also worth buying one of the branded ones immediately and avoiding the cheapest ones.

airsoft rifle

What about other replica accessories? In my opinion, the gun bag is important. Is it worth paying extra for more expensive covers? To some extent, yes. The cheapest ones, which resemble a long sack, are not the best option. Apart from covering the replica, they do not play any other role. In better fabric bags with shoulder straps or handles, we often hide more than one replica and some additional equipment. I don't think you need to buy a suitcase right away, though. They are definitely effective and protect the replica well, but apart from it maybe few accessories. There is not much more to it. The last group of accessories I would like to discuss here are the sights. On the one hand, I would recommend not to spend any money on them at all. Often, ordinary iron sights of a replica are enough for us. However, if we really want to buy a red dot or a scope, I would advise not to save on them. These cheaper models often have low-quality optics that make the image quite dark and are sometimes unstable. A good quality sight can be used on several different replicas during our airsoft career.

airsoft gun

Why all these savings?

Airsoft can be quite an expensive hobby. The equipment we need is not the cheapest, and we often have to bear the costs associated with participation in events, such as entry fees. So, it's no surprise that some players are looking for savings when purchasing hardware. I think that a novice player does not have to spend large amounts of money on their first replica and equipment. It is worth adding to some accessories that will stay with us longer, such as a charger or battery. These things are universal and will serve most airsoft guns. Similarly, the cover. On the other hand, additional investments in a replica make sense only when we know exactly what we expect from it and we know what to focus on.

airsoft rifle

Why spend any money at all? If we want to try airsoft, maybe there will be a group, a friend or an arena that will lend us the equipment? It is always worth trying, especially when we are not sure if we will like the hobby. Often browsing groups or internet forums, we can quickly get discouraged when we are recommended the best equipment, calling the cheaper, not worth the expense. However, you have to remember that by saving in one area, we can afford more in another, and I would treat advice like "add EUR 50 and buy a replica of X" as an unnecessary increase in the threshold for entering the sport.


Author: Boreq

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