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How to pack a military backpack?


Skillful packing for various types of excursions and trips is an art that each of you should master. Proper placement and arrangement of things allows you to properly plan and increase the space for storing the items we need, so we can take them all. It is also a way to increase the comfort of using the backpack. It facilitates access to individual items of luggage, and the appropriate weight distribution makes the backpack more comfortable to wear. This is very important especially during outdoor trips, which are usually also associated with longer or shorter stretches of hiking.

Clever backpack packing - everyone should learnt it!

Every bag, suitcase, military or EDC backpack has its limitations on how much we can pack inside. The proper arrangement of the contents of the backpack is also of great importance. If you do it wrong, you will reduce its capacity and have issues with packing all the things you planned to take. Even a very functional and roomy military backpack may not be enough for you in this case.

If you are going on an outdoor trip, you will probably want to pack into the smallest backpack possible. Heavy luggage is too much of a burden during such trips, which is why the rule to apply here is “the less, the better”. The art of packing a backpack is even more important in such cases. You definitely need to write down a list of items that will really be useful to you, and then pack your backpack accordingly.

man with a tactical backpack standing in the forest

How to pack a backpack for an outdoor trip?

During each trip to the bosom of nature, our backpack must be equipped with many additional accessories that are not required when going on a trip with an overnight stay at a hotel. You will probably have to take a sleeping bag, a foam camping mat, a first aid kit or even the entire tent, and of course also pack your personal belongings, i.e. clothes and cosmetics. Packing a backpack for a trip to the mountains or for a survival outing is even more difficult, but don’t worry - we’ll help you!

Proper weight distribution

Let's start with the proper layout of the placement of individual items, and thus also the even distribution of weight. The backpack cannot be loaded more on one side, as this will cause great discomfort when carrying it on the back. Various hard objects can also be a nuisance, if located directly at the back of the backpack. The order in which you pack your gear is very important.

It is best to place light items which you do not need quick access to at the very bottom of the backpack. These will probably be all textile items, such as clothes, a blanket, a fleece or the already mentioned sleeping bag. Next, pack all heavy items - such as shoes, tactical equipment or canned food. The center of gravity of the entire luggage should be in the middle of the backpack, as this makes it comfortable to carry - also because we can also use the additional support, which is the hip belt. It’s best to place those things that you want to have quick access to or are often removed at the very top of the backpack - like your supply of water to be used on a regular basis, a raincoat or hygiene products.

A mountain / military backpack usually has a set of side pockets, into which you can pack a compass or a map, matches, sunglasses, a knife and a mug - all the items that you may need quick access to and grab without having to stop and open your backpack. The backpack harness is a good place to store a phone or a compass. A backpack packed in such a way will be properly balanced and therefore comfortable, both during hiking and when you need to take something out.

man with a military backpack standing on the field

What to take?

Before you even start packing your backpack, it's a good idea to compose a thought-out list of things you will need. Thanks to this, you will not forget anything and it will also be a good opportunity to consider whether all these items will really be useful to you. It certainly depends on the nature of the trip, but we advise you to take only the most functional equipment. What exactly do we mean? Small, multi-functional and well-designed items such as multitools, Swiss Army knives or foldable silicone mugs and cups.

Does the choice of the backpack model also matter?

We can certainly recommend the military / tactical backpack in case of all outdoor activities, as those were designed exactly for this purpose. The military square knapsack, popular for some time in the past, is not necessarily very functional - but the models of military backpacks produced today are durable, equipped with a carrying system, as well as chambers and pockets that facilitate the storage of luggage.

soldier holding a gun standing on the field

Military backpacks are also available in various capacities. A 20- or 30-liter backpack will be suitable for a day trip. For longer outings, you will need a 50l military backpack, and if you are going somewhere for a week or two - choose the 100l military backpack. The various choices allow you to easily adjust the backpack to your needs.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning how to adjust the backpack to your figure. It's best to try on a packed backpack and then start adjusting the harness and belts. A filled and loaded backpack is arranged completely differently than an empty one - so this will allow you to find out the perfect adjustment of the whole carry system. It should be adjusted so that the backpack fits snugly against the back, most of the weight is on the hips, and the center of gravity is located above the buttocks.


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