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What is MOSFET?

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Every user of an airsoft gun begins to wonder at some point how they can improve its operation, increase its functionality or extend its service life. One answer to these considerations is MOSFET, which guarantees all of the above - depending on how advanced a circuit you choose. If you have an electric airsoft gun and you find yourself considering the subject, our latest post should clarify all these issues. Read on!

Airsoft communication with Specna Arms Shortie radio

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Being able to have a conversation with the team has many positive aspects. Not to mention social values, we can exchange vital information about the battlefield. Often skirmishes are won by team communication. Bearing this important issue in mind, we will check how the Shortie-82 radio from Specna Arms is doing.

Airsoft Cyber Monday 2022 at Gunfire

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Cyber Monday is an online shopping celebration with big sales. This year it will be Monday, November 28. Don’t miss out - be the first to check out the opportunities we’ve prepared for you! If you are still wondering whether to spend this day with - wander no more! Check out our latest post!

A holiday military gifts? Take advantage of the Black Friday special offer!

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The term military gift covers a wide range of tactical equipment and accessories that we can provide to a survival and shooting activities enthusiast. In our most recent entry, we have prepared suggestions of holiday gifts that will be suitable for everybody. It is worth buying them since of Black Friday is just around the corner, as you will see for yourself in just a moment. Welcome!

Airsoft Black Friday 2022 at Gunfire

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Discounts and sales awaken the wild beast in each and every one of us - it’s a scientifically proven fact. Most of us no longer need to hunt game, but we can all hunt for bargains. And the pre-Christmas period is the best time for this, because that's when the biggest sales begin. Black Friday is the first harbinger of those - so, if you’ve been wondering what Gunfire has prepared for you this year, check out our latest post!

B.L.A.S.G. – airsoft shooting in the desert

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When most of our attention is focused on local Sunday skirmishes, there is a good chance that more interesting events pass by unnoticed for us. However, it is worth looking for more complicated scenarios, where the background story is of little less importance than the efficiency of our airsoft gun. One of such events is the next B.L.A.S.G., i.e., the battle for diamonds in the desert.

New pistol holsters from Primal Gear – kydex for everyone

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As we know, often buying an airsoft gun is just the beginning of our expenses. Next in line are additional magazines, tactical accessories such as red-dots, various types of grips and something to carry our equipment. In the case of airsoft pistol, it is no different, and probably the most important additional element that we have to buy is a holster. Fortunately, with the wide Primal Gear offer, we do not have to worry about buying a suitable model adapted to our side replica.

How to pack a military backpack?

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Packing a backpack is an art worth learning. The correct arrangement of things in the backpack allows you to pack everything you need, and at the same time increases the comfort of carrying luggage. If you do not know yet how to pack a backpack, check out our latest post! 

Comparison of Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries

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In the era of electromobility enthusiasm, the technology of battery production is becoming more and more interesting. However, we rarely realize that the modest cells with which we power our airsoft replicas have much in common with those used in electric cars. Let's check what are the differences between the two types of lithium-based batteries used in our hobby.

What is Hop-Up?

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Range, accuracy and repeatability of shots is something that is very important for most airsoft replicas. One of the elements that is of great importance in improving these parameters is the Hop-Up system. Let's check how this element is built and what is important in improving its operation.
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