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Survival Gadgets - What's Worth Taking on a Survival Adventure?


Life is unpredictable, and at any moment, we may face challenges where the key is the art of survival. Whether you're an avid adventurer, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply aware of the importance of being prepared for the unexpected, survival is likely not unfamiliar to you. Gadgets are a crucial element of this experience, so today, we'll discuss what's worth bringing on a survival journey to ensure it proves effective in various survival scenarios.

What is Survival?

Survival is the art of staying alive in challenging conditions, embraced as a hobby by an increasing number of individuals. It involves practical, mental, and emotional preparation to face unexpected challenges. It's a combination of practical skills and a mindset prioritizing adaptability and resilience in unforeseen situations, such as natural disasters or sudden urban crises. Mental fortitude is as vital as physical preparedness, encompassing an understanding of fear mechanisms, stress management, and maintaining a positive attitude to make rational decisions in the toughest circumstances.

In some survival scenarios, cooperation extends beyond individual efforts. Building a sense of community, forming alliances, sharing resources, and unique skills can increase the chances of survival during prolonged or large-scale crises.

Types of Survival

Survival strategies vary depending on the environment. Wilderness survival focuses on thriving in natural settings, emphasizing skills like foraging, navigation, and wildlife knowledge. Urban survival, on the other hand, involves navigating densely populated areas, dealing with social unrest, and using urban resources for sustenance. Both scenarios demand unique skill sets, adaptability, and a set of tools to facilitate survival.

Sharpening a stick with a tactical knife

The Art of Survival and Equipment

Surviving in extremely challenging conditions also requires the preparation of appropriate accessories and equipment. We don't have to rely solely on our physical strength, manual skills, and knowledge; we can leverage the advancements of our civilization and the specialized equipment offered by tactical or military stores. Survival is also the skill of choosing accessories – fitting them to specific situations, personal needs, and preferences. Some gadgets are worth having in almost every survival scenario, while others require thoughtful consideration, as they may not always be necessary.

What is Necessary During Survival? Essential Survival Gadgets

Let's start with multifunctional accessories, the foundation of a well-prepared survival kit. Swiss army knives, multitools, and tactical knives have numerous functions and possibilities, all packed into one compact and portable tool. In addition to a sharp knife, having a multitool or a Swiss army knife allows for repairs or simple constructions. Their high quality ensures reliability in any situation.

Fire, another multifunctional survival tool, provides warmth, enables cooking, and signals your presence. Various fire-starting gadgets, from waterproof matches to advanced kits, are available. It's crucial not only to know how to use them but also to understand fire construction, maintenance, and effective extinguishing to avoid fire hazard.

Lighting a fire in survival conditions

Accessories Ensuring Shelter and Survival

Access to clean water is a critical aspect of survival. While not in a desert, water sources are usually available, but their drinkability may be uncertain. Portable water purification filters, tablets, and UV purifiers are valuable survival gadgets in such situations. Regarding water, it's essential to consider food. Dry rations, such as energy bars, are a staple in any survival scenario.

Survival is closely linked to the ability to provide shelter. Lightweight and compact tents made from durable, weather-resistant materials, along with emergency blankets for retaining body heat, are excellent choices. Basic survival gear should also include a first aid kit containing bandages, plasters, disinfectants, as well as painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and medications for chronic conditions.

Darkness always complicates survival, making a compact tactical flashlight a crucial tool. Opt for high-powered tactical flashlights for extreme use, and consider the power source – either batteries (with spares) or a USB rechargeable battery, requiring a power bank, which we'll discuss shortly.

What Other Survival Gear Might Be Useful?

Let's now move on to the tools that are definitely worth considering in the context of a given survival scenario. As mentioned earlier, nutrition plays a crucial role in survival, and although our backpack (ideally tactical) should always contain dry provisions, it's also worth considering other sources of food. For longer survival situations, a portable stove or a set of cookware for boiling water or preparing a warm meal on a campfire can be useful.

Another issue is the ability to power electronic devices. Currently, practically everyone owns a smartphone, which is a multifunctional tool in itself – enabling communication, navigation, and serving as a source of light. Charging it is made possible by a power bank, for example, one with a solar panel, which remains efficient even in the most challenging conditions. However, the ability to use our smartphone also depends on access to communication towers. Unfortunately, if survival takes place in the wilderness, we will likely be beyond their range, and in such a situation, more specialized tools would be more reliable.

First aid kit and compass placed on the backpack

Survival Equipment for Communication and Navigation

Communication can save our lives, but in emergency situations, a regular smartphone may not be sufficient. For such purposes, satellite phones or radios are created, providing communication when our mobile phones fail. It's also advisable to have a traditional, reliable compass and a map with you in these situations, ensuring that you can always find your way back to civilization and conclude the survival experience according to plan.


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