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What are the advantages of airsoft?


How to convince someone to airsoft?

I know many people who don't need to convince their loved ones to take up airsoft. Couples find themselves shooting. Parents take their children to the games. Siblings screw each other over. It's not always that easy. Sometimes our parents can't convince us to let us play a game for youngsters. Wives wonder why we prefer to spend time with our friends in the forest instead of going shopping with them on the weekend. At every family dinner, my cousin asks if we have already signed up for the army, since we have so many uniforms and rifles.

It is obvious that we do not have to listen to the voices of people who are not favourable to us. We can tell ourselves that they won't stop us from making our dreams come true. This is not an ideal path, however. It is best if we can use arguments to convince our loved ones that our interests make sense. This article should help with that, at least a little.

Player shooting with an airsoft gun

Time with friends

It is no coincidence that over time it becomes more and more difficult for us to find a moment to meet friends. There is no doubt that we need something like this. Unfortunately, many people do not have to imagine what the effects of long-term isolation may be. Just remember the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions in force at that time. Regardless of our opinion on this matter, we cannot escape the fact that contact with people was difficult at that time.

It's even better if we have a group of friends with whom we share a common hobby. Air photography can be this type of activity. Cooperation, teamwork and communication are important in this activity. Not to mention the fact that we often spend a lot of time in the car on the way to a shooting game. For me and my friends, it's always time for a short update on what's going on with everyone. I'm sure we're not the only ones who feel this way.

Target on the shooting track

Airsoft as a sport and a form of activity

I believe that calling airsoft a sport is beyond dispute. It is easy to point out that it is a physical activity that helps build bonds and has elements of competition. In many cases, it is also the only or main sport played by some players. For me, it was largely the desire to improve my fitness in order to be more effective at shooting games that opened the way to my interest in running and the gym. Others stop at regular attendance at airsoft games.

Airsoft as a sport also covers the entire spectrum, from a light run up between obstacles during a Sunday game to taking part in speed or AIPSC tournaments. However, I believe that it is people who do not have time or inclination to do other exercises throughout the week who benefit most from weekend airsoft fun. At worst, it is a walk in the forest, in the bosom of nature, and in extreme cases it is even an encouragement for in-depth training.

Man with an airsoft gun in the forest

Enriching your network of contacts

When we go to airsoft events, we meet people. Often, such accidental contacts can be useful to us in the future. On the one hand, we can meet future friends, on the other hand, even friends from work. At shooting games, the atmosphere relaxes and people from different backgrounds interact. Normally, we might not meet someone who runs their own business or works in a restaurant. However, if we share a common hobby and need to cooperate in this activity, such an opportunity arises.

Airsoft events are also a good opportunity to enrich existing relationships. A shooting game may not be a good idea for a first date, but a weekend trip for the whole family is definitely a good idea. We don't have to have our own equipment. We can take advantage of the offer of renting a local arena. It's a good way to show our family what we like about shooting games.

Why do we skirmish?

When family and friends accuse us that our hobby makes no sense, they actually forget that they don't have to have it. If we considered every type of interest in such categories, we would certainly have to classify many of them as unnecessary. Nevertheless, there are many positive aspects of attending airsoft games.

Loaded magazines

The first thing that comes to my mind is the positive impact on fitness. Both physical and mental. By running with the airsoft gun, breaking through the terrain to approach opponents or even traversing the trails on a large game, we engage in physical activity. Additionally, we often do it in natural circumstances. This has a positive impact not only on our condition, but also on our well-being.

Airsoft doesn't work well alone. Teamwork, communication, coordination, and leadership skills are skills that are good to practice at shooting games. We will then successfully take them out of the shooting environment and use them at work or during studies.


Author: Boreq

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