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What to remember about when preparing for an airsoft game?


Everyone has their own rituals. We start the day with a cup of your favourite coffee, a walk with the dog or a yoga session. In the evening we like to read a chapter of a good book. How is it with the preparations for airsoft skirmish? I have the impression that it is quite similar. When our career as an airsoft player is already several years old, we fall into the routine preparing to go to the game. Today I wanted to share a few thoughts that show my priorities when packing for skirmishes. Think of it as a handful of loose thoughts rather than a complete list. In my opinion, what we take with us largely depends on the type of game ahead. Our equipment for evening CQB will look different than for whole-day milsim event, so I think it is impossible to have all the information in one text.

Clothing for airsoft shooting

Probably the most important information for me when choosing skirmishes for which I will go is the location. It is good to know if I will have to prepare for a long car ride before I get there, but what is perhaps more important is that the type of terrain will largely affect my equipment. And the first line of our equipment is what we have closest to the body, i.e., clothing. Usually, I try to dress as lightly as I can. If there is no such need, I do not wear many additional layers under the uniform. I use sports clothes that distribute moisture well and light footwear. I choose layers depending on the weather. If it's cold, I use thermal underwear and thicker hats or gloves. However, when the games is in warmer weather, I often only wear a plain running t-shirt under my uniform. Knowing the location of the game I am going to I can also easily check the weather forecast and choose clothes according to the expected temperature and precipitation. I guess there is nothing worse than cold hands when we fire and need to quickly change the magazine. That is why I put great emphasis to choosing the right clothes for the weather.

airsoft equipment

Another important issue related to both the location of the game and the outfit is whether we will operate in an urbanized area or in a forest. I really appreciate it when the organizer places information about the area on the event website. In the coniferous forest, we can expect a bit of greenery even in winter. In turn, deciduous or mixed forests will have much less cover already from autumn and until mid-spring. This may affect our decision to choose a camouflage. Skirmishes in urban areas usually do not require us to match the colour of the clothes to the environment, and then I often like to play in trekking clothes.

Choice of airsoft guns

The eternal question is which airsoft replica to take. Here a lot depends on how large our collection is. For most games, I try to take one carbine replica with which I plan to play from start to finish, and a second spare. Depending on the temperature, I take a gas pistol or an AEP replica. Most of my main replicas accept magazines of the same standard, so I simply prepare one set of 6 magazines. I put 3 or 4 magazines in the vest, one for the replica, and if any one is left, it ends up in the backpack or bag. Additionally, I have at least one spare magazine for the pistol, apart from the one in the replica. My replicas usually have fixed-mount optics so I don't have to move the sights between them, but I usually make sure that the webcam that records what I aim at is mounted on the main replica for the coming day.

Specna Arms cover for airsoft gun

Knowing what replicas I will take I can load them. I mainly use AEG replicas. I use 11.1v Li-Po batteries for them. I also have a 7.4v battery which is my spare. I charge all batteries before the skirmishes. If the games takes place in the morning, then I charge up the previous evening. If the game is in the afternoon, it is enough to recharge the batteries in the morning. The charged battery that I plan to use first is installed in the replica but what is important - I do not connect it. This is important, especially when we have a MOSFET system or an advanced replica control system, such as the GATE Aster. These types of devices consume electricity even when the replica is in the case or a bag and may lead to the discharge of the battery before we even reach the skirmish area. That is why I connect my replica's power source only when I am there. And one more controversial matter - loading magazines. I mainly use the S-mag mid-caps from Specna Arms and always load them up before the shooter when I charge the batteries. My experience shows that even if the magazines are loaded all night, it does not adversely affect their operation. However, if you are worried that the springs in your mid-caps will deteriorate, there is nothing to prevent you from loading them right before the game. I like to place the loaded magazines in their target places on the equipment, so that during the game it is enough to put on a tactical vest and I do not have to put additional magazines in it.

Airsoft gear

I have already mentioned what equipment is worth taking for a skirmish a few times, but I think it's worth summing up. It is definitely good to always have with us the basic set of tools that we will need to strip out our replicas. A roll of electrical tape and cable ties will also come in handy. This will help us with some minor repairs. A pen or thin marker is also always handy if the games scenario requires it. Depending on the requirements of the game organizer, we must also pack a reflective vest or a red rag to mark the hit person. I also always have a basic first aid kit with me, which I carry in my gear in case of cuts or other minor injuries.

tactical equipment

In my preparations, I adhere to the principle that everything should be in its right place. That is why I put the loaded magazines in pouches, I put the batteries in the replicas and I stash the other elements of the equipment in the backpack or gear where I want them to be ultimately placed. Thanks to this, I save a lot of time to prepare after reaching the shooting site. It also helps me organize the equipment in the car. Ready elements of tactical equipment are placed in a sports bag and replicas in a dedicated gun bag. This means that I usually only have two items of luggage to take and pack in the car.


Completing the equipment for an asg event may seem trivial, but in my opinion, how well we prepare significantly affects our comfort of the game. It rarely happens that we will only have to pack the replica into the case and take a packet of BBs with us. The very fact that we have to plan the charging of batteries for our replicas means that the preparations for the game should be planned in some way. Personally, I get a lot of inspiration from social media and the profiles of friends and other asg players. It is not uncommon for them to post their gear before going to games, which is why they inspire changes to my sets. It is important not to let the routine take control and look for opportunities to improve your process of preparing for ASG games.

Author: Boreq

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