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How to prepare for an airsoft skirmish in winter?


Airsoft games in winter

I will not surprise anyone by saying that we have several types of airsoft games after all. We will find the simplest scenarios where two teams fight for dominance on a piece of land, collect flags or compete to take over the base. There are also games in specialized arenas with a system of barriers, dams, obstacles and designated off-game zones. We will also encounter various types of manoeuvres that are supposed to simulate the operation of real military units to a greater or lesser extent. Of course, there are even more, but we will focus on these the most, because they will be most exposed to unpleasant winter weather conditions. Each of the described types of gameplays will impose certain hardware requirements on the players. How we choose our equipment we will possibly leave for another article. It is certain, however, that for a loose game in the arena, where we are relatively close to the off-game zone, we do not have to carry as much equipment on ourselves as during manoeuvres lasting several hours.

airsoft player in the woods in winter camouflage

The type of skirmish we choose has an impact on how much and what equipment we take with us. The weather, on the other hand, affects how we prepare in terms of clothing and additional protection of our equipment. So, in order to prepare for games well in winter, we definitely need some way to protect ourselves against negative temperatures and humidity. Usually, a special outfit is enough for this, but we can also take something in the backpack that will help us in emergency situations. In addition, our airsoft equipment must be protected against both moisture and low temperatures.

Protecting the player from the cold - what should you keep in mind?

Probably the biggest challenge during a winter game is protection against low temperatures. It is true that airsoft is associated with physical effort during which heat is released, but before we get to that, we have to endure long moments on the assembly point and then wait patiently at the respawn until we enter the game. So how do you prepare well to withstand the overwhelming cold?

  • Let's check the weather forecast. There is a difference between a light frost around -1, -2 degrees Celsius and one that reaches -15. In addition, wind and rainfall will intensify the feeling of cold. It is worth starting the preparation by checking the forecasted conditions. Thanks to this, we increase our confidence that our equipment will be appropriate. In addition, if frost is forecast in the morning at the collection, but during the day the temperature is to increase, we must also prepare for high humidity and mud associated with the melting layer of ice and snow.

  • Let's take care of several layers of clothing. Do not kid yourself. Putting on clothes in layers when we are still wearing tactical equipment is quite inconvenient. However, especially in winter it is needed. Depending on the scenario you are playing, there may be moments when not much is happening and you feel cold. There will also be moments of intense BB exchange, when adrenaline warms us up. In such moments, we must ensure that we can adjust the thickness of the layers of clothing. It is definitely worth wearing thermal underwear. In addition, any accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves will be very useful. Several layers of clothing are easiest to wear on the body in the form of jackets, softshells or sleeves. Check what you have in your wardrobe and what suits you. Personally, I use running equipment, but ski clothes will also work well. As a last resort, we can also buy a few items of clothing in the military store.

  • It's easy to hide in the snow. Some time ago I did not believe in the effects of winter concealment gear. This belief quickly died when during one of the games I had the opportunity to operate with colleagues in snow camouflage clothes. Although they sometimes resembled ordinary painting overalls from a DIY store, they worked very effectively in heavy snow conditions. It is worth considering when you plan to shoot regularly in winter.
airsoft player in winter camouflage stands in the woods holding an airsoft rifle

How to take care of airsoft equipment in winter?

Currently, our airsoft guns are often packed with electronics. After all, we also drive them with electric cells. In turn, in winter, due to frequent precipitation and the fact that we have a lot of snow on the ground and on trees, they are exposed to moisture. These are not all the factors that may limit their usefulness. Hop-up bucking often behave differently when cold. These batteries I mentioned may lose their performance faster. So, let's check how to take care of our equipment in the cold.

  • The water freezes. In winter I usually leave my water bladder at home. It is true that in the backpack it has contact with our backs, which will probably warm it up at least to such a temperature that its content does not freeze, but the tube led outside often becomes clogged with frozen liquid after a dozen or so minutes of the game. The period of low temperatures is the time when I focus on thermoses with hot tea and more traditional water bottles kept in a backpack or pouch. In the cold, we do not feel such a strong thirst, so we can easily plan to replenish fluids during breaks in the game.
thermos for tea in the snow
  • Let's take care of the power supply. And this applies to both airsoft guns and any other electronics that we carry. It is definitely worth taking with you an additional battery for the AEG replica as well as additional batteries for the red dot, active headphones, radio. It is also good to take care of powering our phone by packing at least a small power bank in the backpack. In the cold, devices can absorb stored energy faster and often their proper operation is the basis for good gameplay.

  • Our airsoft gun may need some attention. I have already mentioned that hop-up buckings often lose their properties in the cold. Depending on the material from which they are made, they can harden and spin the BBs worse. Generally, softer models and those made of silicone are less prone to this problem. However, it is difficult to point to one proven model. It is good to check the operation of several different products yourself or look for a specific one recommended for frost for our airsoft gun and hop-up chamber construction. There's also the matter of electronics. Usually, this airsoft one is quite moisture resistant. Personally, however, in winter, I more often choose a spring-loaded airsoft gun that does not have it at all, which minimizes the potential risk of a defect that eliminates me from the game. However, if you do not have such an option or do not want to part with the AEG replica, winter is definitely the time when it is worth carrying a spare airsoft gun with you.

Author: Boreq

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