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New pistol holsters from Primal Gear – kydex for everyone


Choosing a holster for our pistol

Primal Gear is a manufacturer that is not afraid of innovation. It often offers interesting solutions, present in more expensive brands, while still maintaining affordable prices. It is no different with their new line of kydex holsters. Until now, this type of product was characterized by a fairly high price. For good reason. Usually, this type of holster has so far been made in a quite artisanal way. However, the production improvements initiated by the manufacturers have achieved a level where a decent kydex holster is within the reach of the average player. Due to the fact that our airsoft gun is held in place by the pressure exerted by the plastic shell, we must select holsters specifically for our gun model and depending on whether we use a flashlight on it or not. For this reason, before we make a purchase, we must search the distributor's offer to find the right product. This time it was easy for me and I decided to use a right-handed holster for the G17 without light source.

airsoft pistol concealed in Primal Gear holster

What if we cannot find the right model of a kydex holster and still want to enjoy the benefits of storing our airsoft pistol in a plastic cover instead of a material cover? We can also deal with this. People who use more unconventional airsoft gun designs, such as the AAP-01, may have a problem with choosing the right product for their needs. Fortunately, Primal Gear also has several models of universal holsters that will help us with this type of issue. It is also a potentially very good solution if we use two types of pistol replicas. We can easily use them interchangeably in our equipment. I was able to easily adapt the Compact II holster to store both my G18 replica from WE and the aforementioned AAP01.

airsoft pistol concealed in Compact II holster

New offer from Primal Gear

Now that we've covered both holsters. It is worth taking a closer look at them. Both of them come to us adapted to be mounted on a belt. Thanks to the mounting adjustment, we can adjust our holsters to work with belts up to 50mm wide. This allows us to use them with most modern tactical belt solutions. Of course, when carrying the holster on the belt, it is worth making sure that it is quite stiff, because it will help us to eliminate the unwanted movement of the holster and belt when choosing our airsoft gun. Adapters attached to the holsters offer a wide possibility of changing the angle of the holster. So, if we have our preferences in this area, we can easily adapt the equipment to our needs. The screws needed to mount the holsters in the adapters are included in the set. There will also be wrenches that can be helpful in adjusting the holster. The one made of kydex is bolted with traditional Phillips screws, so the wrench attached to the set also has such a tip. The Compact II holster comes to us with an attached adapter. For the latter, we need to tighten the mounting element on our own. In addition to the above-mentioned belt mounts, which we have in the set, we can also use other solutions available on the market, such as holster lowering platforms, mounted to ordinary belts or adapters for the Molle system. The latter will be very useful if you want to use a holster on a tactical vest or a belt with equipment.

Compact II holster from Primal Gear hanging on belt
airsoft gun is housed in a belt-hung kydex holster from Primal Gear

The Primal Gear Compact II is adjusted with one Allen screw. By tightening it more or less, we change the width of the product which, in a way, covers the airsoft gun stored in it. A clever latch is responsible for holding our toy, that element grabs it by the trigger guard. To unholster your unit, press the latch with your finger and pull it towards you. The holster should be adjusted so that the airsoft gun fits into it with a slight slack, but so that it does not bounce inside when shaken. It will not always be possible. In the case of the AAP-01, unfortunately, even with the adjustment fully tightened, the clearance was large, but it did not have a negative impact on keeping the replica in place.

airsoft pistol lies together with a black Compact II kydex holster

The shell itself is responsible for keeping the replica in place in the kydex holster. It is made so that it surrounds our gun well and by clamping on it, it prevents it from falling out. For this reason, the adjustment of the holster is done by tightening the screws around our shell. When you look at them, you can see that they are placed on rubber spacers. By increasing the pressure force, we squeeze the two halves closer to each other, thanks to which our replica is held more tightly. In my case, the holster had to be tightened firmly, because it was holding my G18 quite loosely at the factory setting. However, you cannot overdo it, because we may then have a problem with stuffing the replica into the holster.

black kydex Compact II holster from Primal Gear for airsoft gun


For most of us, the presented holsters can have many advantages. In my opinion, the most important of them is the fact that it is much easier to keep them in place on our gear. They do not give up as much to jerking as their fabric counterparts. I don't get the feeling that I am taking my pistol with its holster when I draw it. Additionally, compared to traditional solutions, they keep our toys in place better. There are usually no Velcro or straps that keep the replica in the holster. There are solid clips or whole halves of the holster, which fulfill their function firmly and reliably. Finally, it is also worth mentioning that we do not have to give up the universality if we decide to use a plastic holster. By using molle adapters, quick couplings or other accessories, we have the opportunity to adapt the solution to our needs. And if we want to have one holster for everything, we will successfully use one of the universal models, such as the Compact II described in this text.

Author: Boreq

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